did machining today... *with pic*

“SEDstar optics and instrumentation” just added a machining division, lol…

Made a BIG pill… all aluminum, completely solid for now.

over 55mm diameter, 35mm or so thick. (thats a small cheap 18650 zoomie, for scale)

i have options now. clearly i can put about any STAR i want on it, any driver i want on it.

its actually a little too big as is to fit in my 4d maglite head, i could fabricate a new light around it, machine it down for something else…or whatever.

just a dry run, really, but its very useable.


i might put the pill IN something, or, i might machine it out and put an existing pill into IT, to “beef”it out…i dont know.

all i know is, i now have options now and can play to my hearts content.

I have been considering offering basic machining as a service to BLF members, so… if anyone has any ideas of what they WANT and done have it or cant get it? let me know…

at present i am not doing those “mirror finished, polished by god” pieces, i dont have the patience for that. The end user can finish it how they want, i just want to make the basic shape.

so, i am thinking basic shapes for a start… so if you need something or have an idea? i might decide to try to make it…

Theres nothing like having lots of options sedstar as long as you know what you want to do. :stuck_out_tongue:
Welcome to the club. :+1:

Yet another ledi succumbs to the machine side of the force. :person_facepalming:

Ooh, the power, muahahaha :smiling_imp: