Did Rap originate from China?

My Wife is half Chinese and she said rap originated from China? Of course I thought it came from the US, but she said it is thousands of years old and is "music by poem". So, yesterday we watched an older Chinese movie on youtube and they were rapping. Totally caught me off guard. Anyone else knew about this? I honestly thought it originated in the good ol USA.

Were they really?

Could that have been R Kel-Lee?

Yes, rap originated in China. So did Electronica

If it’s like anything else, they stole it and made it cheaper… Never thought someone would try and lay claim to rhyming

In today’s context, RAP, like the Blues and Jazz, are solely American art forms.


Rap was started by Deejays.
‘Scratching’ came along with it.

A lot of rappers tend to get “chinese eyes” FWIW…

Well, I don’t know if that’s entirely correct.

I guess we have to define what ‘RAP’ music is and I’d venture to guess that we have different variations of rap?

To me at least, we have free flowing lyrics to some beats and then we have set musical back rounds, where people over-lay lyrics, whether free-flowing, or over specific musical tracks and those are the end games—different variations.

I remember being a college DJ in the San Fran area in the early 80s, like ’80-’84 and there was no RAP, as we now know it, but then in the mid 80s, we started seeing it—Run DMC for instance.

To me at least, RAP isn’t poetry over a musical back round, but it is a story in prose, over music.

To me, RAP is the ‘spoken’ word backed by music, but it does indeed, vary.


Some info on origins of rap http://colemizestudios.com/how-did-rap-start/ but they are not taking into account rap from China thousands of years ago so it depends who you talk to. I still agree with my Wife on this one that it originated from China.

Maybe Cr*p...

Like "Cheap Chinese Cr*p."

Just kidding!

I buy high-quality Chinese stuff all the time.

Your wife is half Chinese and she says that RAP music has a Chinese origin?

Maybe ‘pasta and gunpowder,’ but not RAP music.

Sorry, but thanks for playing.


I like the M&M. He’s funny.

If it is indeed China product, will it be affected by the Tariff’s? :0

I can tell you Rap has jumped the shark as it is now in Country Music.
It is hard to listen to them butcher the genre (rap) but it is what it is.

Sudden creation of improvised poetic verses joined with music, in the Brazilian style of ‘Repente’ (meaning sudden), has roots in the region of Teixeira, in the Northeastern state of Paraíba, Brazil, during the 1800s.
When it’s a story in prose, they call it a Cordel.

You can be relaxing on the beach here, sitting in a restaurant, or just hanging out……… then somebody, or a group, materializes, smiling, in front of you insisting you enjoy the unique cultural opportunity being presented.

Best to pay them off early so they go away quickly.

That sounds like a proper definition to me.

This is how looping and back spinning records came into play.
With the Deejay set up come 2 turntables, a microphone and a mixer.
Especially the cross fader became a much used thing for playing beats from one turntable to the other.
It probably started in the black community.
Afteral, they have a thing for rhythm.
Electronic music from drum machines and the like is probably more of a white thing.

I think Run DMC was one of the groups that made it more mainstream.
There were rap records before that.
But it started before they put it on records (record deals etc).

It’s a pity how it became all about pimps and hoes and violence.
And sometimes very anti white too.

Bill Cosby was a good role model for the black community.
Never about race issues in the Cosby show.
So ‘they’ went after him with rape allegations…
(yeah, i doubt he was guilty, but i’m not sure of course)

It wasn’t like that in the past.
Remember the Blues Brothers movie?

But i digress…


Thats what Ive always heard the name came from. Sure, people have been rhyming to music for thousands of years… but a fundamental aspect of rap/hip hop is the jazz influence, beats, etc.

I hate Rap. It’s not music.

So… we hit the trifecta? Woohoo! :laughing:

Btw, RIP Rondo…


Uh oh… SJW triggered…

Please, tell us what you misinterpreted.

I think it’s just you who makes it about race and gender.

While there may be something that resembles Rap in ancient Chinese culture, I highly doubt it’s anything other than coincidental.

Modern day Rap’s deepest roots are generally attributed to the griot traditions of West Africa.