Did Rap originate from China?

Ofcourse its subjective but many artists say this was the first rap record:

Did they repeatedly grab their crotches in the old Chinese film RAP performances? It’s not RAP without that.

The question is did they rap about hoes while drinking Hennessy and smoking pot.

Because I hate rap “music” I’m a racist? I have the largest collection of black music from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s from Motown to Jazz to Blues. You’re just a typical overly sensitive snowflake. What’s happening to the youth of today?

I don’t like listening to RAP. I much prefer to sing it, than listen to it.

The instant you begun to explain yourself you begun to rationalise the asinine accusation. I say it deserves a „go to your room” instead.

Listened to best of Motown in the car just this morning, nothing beats Marvin Gay, Pappa was a Rollin Stone and Isaac Hays. I bet the kid has no idea who these people and songs are. Peace.

I think your wrong… He had to defend himself against Stupid SJW knee jerk accuser…
Too much of that goes without response, and snowflakes are empowered….
You hate Rap? That’s fine…
But it’s not like anyone here has said I hate those &-$$$ and their music.
Big difference. I wish people looked more at what is said versus what they think people mean……

Saying you dont like “X genre” is pretty dumb in general IMO. I despise a lot of the country music that’s around today but love Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, etc.

In the same way that rock is an incredibly diverse style and genre of music, with new sub-genres every couple years even the same is true of rap/hip-hop.

I wouldn’t say I hate rock because I had only heard The Beatles, or Metallica, or Duran Duran, any other handful of bands. Its just way too general a term.

Rap that rascal :innocent:

My dog takes a rap every morn. :sushi:

A rap crap! lol!

I think China already had cRAP reverse engineered, copied, in production and on the US market before it was ever officially released in USA due to prolonged Testing.

More proof


The gas tank fills out the kit :slight_smile:

The guy in the back is gettin it

Did anyone else put that on constant-loop and watch it incessantly?

i reviewed it 4 times in a row, does that count?

When you get into the 30s or 40s, lemme know.

The guy in back got Da Moves.

It’s mesmerizing, I want moar.