DieHard 2400 Lumens 9 AA

Anyone has this flashlight ? How do you get 2400 lumens from 1 single LED?

I don’t have that light but, it’s not all that difficult to get that kind of output from a single LED. Of course it would depend on the LED, driver, and cell or cells being used. Has DieHard done it in a cheap Home Depot flashlight running AA’s? I highly doubt it.

Thanks Todd. DieHard is made by Dorcy, I would expect them to be somewhat honest with their product information but it does not seem to be the case here.

Maybe when you first turn it on …like 1 second.

Yes and No.

Diehard is a Sears brand

Dorcy is US company that has been around forever.

So exclusive rights to make Diehard by Dorcy? Most likely scenario.

On related note. Dorcy make very good quality lights. I bought 3 of the 800 lumen 3 c cell flashlights. Man those things are insane. Very tight spot capable of throwing very far for store bought light. Glad I own 3.