Decent ingredients is the key I think :slight_smile:

Before I tried a climbing gym my thoughts were identical to yours regarding going to a regular gym only to be bored senseless. I would always prefer hiking/walking to going to a non-climbing gym.

Agreed Gary, I went a gym once with a friend who’s into it, he can lift weights all day, but has been out to work with me and really struggled - muscle memory I think. Then, I used to be a cross country runner, so I hit a running machine, it was not fast enough to settle into a comfortable pace, and I got funny looks when I was on it for an hour or so, got told I should do short spurts and pace myself. I gave up in disgust.

The trick is definitely proper food in sensible quantities rather than processed shit.

My name isn’t Gary by the way :slight_smile:


Doh! :8)

Where the hell did I get Gary from then? That’ll teach me to try and be familiar without knowing for sure. :X

… but, you have all the letters in your username you need to make Gary, so I figure you’re stuck with it.

A few more random thoughts: Sintro, please don’t take this wrong, but your diet plan makes me cringe. It seems to fly in the face of how we’ve been eating for thousands of years. That said, you may be right and I may be eating lewd amounts of junk one day a week at some point in the future.

For what it’s worth, BMI was invented in the early 19th century, and it’s generally regarded as crap. (I’ve a friend that’s a competitive cyclist, so tree stumps for legs, and his idiot GP said he was fat because the BMI was high.)

The idea of carbo cycling is valid (from my reading) but it doesn’t need to be done with Cheetos and ice cream. Sure some athletics may do things like that (college) but that’s just because junk food is cheap and quick and they’re 20 and their body can handle it.

The concept seems to be valid however but the more traditional way is just that if you want to lose weight and average 1500 calories a day then you can have one day with 1200 and another with 1800 just as long as the average for the week is 1500/day.

This apparently keeps your metabolism higher. No need to do it with junk food however.

Most doctors are intelligent people and know that BMI isn’t a great measurement. I just had this conversation with a female friend of mine the other day who practices internal medicine.

If your friend doesn’t appear to be fat for any reason than his BMI his doctor would have to be an idiot to pronounce him “fat” based on that.

Interesting subject and one that will surely get people up on the barricades :wink:

My history goes like this:

I’ve always been chubby and weighed about 10 kg too much. I am heavily build though, have physical hard work and have until recently eaten whatever i liked.
A little over a year ago I had a wonderful son. But the birth triggered a postnatal depression in my wife from which she is just starting to emerge from. Apparently I overeat tremendously when stressed and managed to gain another 15 kg. Max weight was 117 kg.

Three months ago I saw a small article in a local paper that headlined something like: 7 little tips that will help you loose weight.
I read it and 3 of them stuck out as “easy to do” (to me at least) and I’ve since forgotten the rest.

#1: Eat three apples a day. I like apples so I though how hard can that be? To be honest though it is a little taxing at times, especially if i forget to eat one early in the day then I´m behind (or feel like it anyway). But I manage most days.

#2: Eat Oatmeal porridge every morning: I like porridge and I thought I can do this. But I normally have mine with a knob of butter and some sugar on top and for this to work I realised that I would have to drop that. But I cannot. It is just too bland and too boring without it. So I take a little butter and sugar. About a teaspoon full of each. And I probably use more salt then what is good for me. But I manage to eat this most mornings. Say about 5 out of 7.
The article said that it would keep you feeling full longer than just having the oat meal with milk. It is true. I eat a lot less when it is cooked than when it is raw.

#3: Divide your lunch and dinner plate into 4 equal squares. 1/4 is meat. 1/4 is potato/rice/pasta/couscous (starchy things). 1/4 is for salad (fresh unprocessed green stuff). And the last 1/4 is for cooked or raw vegetables or fruit.
This is actually kind of tough to do when visiting parents or friends but its quite doable at home and I’d say we manage about 5/7 so far.

  1. 4: This is my own little tip and is more something I realised some time ago. Fruit juice is often quite high in calories. Vegetable juice is not. As an example I have a tomato juice that I like that has 16 kCal pr 100 ml and a Orange juice with no added sugar that has 44 kCal pr 100 ml in it. On top of that vegetable juice makes you feel more full and that is a good thing.

Now why do I write all this cr@p here?
Because it works for me and my wife. In 3 months I’ve lost 16 kg. Without any more exercise than normal. And I still eat cake and drink beer and eat some candy too.

You can take this and do with it as you like. But for those who want to loose weight I think of these as valid tips.
Take care of yourself y’all :wink:

Last winter I took off some 7kg from my former weight of 71kg.
At the moment, it has rebounced 2kg back but it is acceptable.

I took sugar, potatoes, rice and flours out from my diet, that did the trick.
Added hard fat, eggs, protein, red meat, vegetables, fruits, salad etc. you get the pic.
Did not increase physical activity.

I’m still eating less of those but not avoiding completely.
I should avoid grains of all sorts, last winter I noticed my skin was better than ever without grains in diet.

As you probably guessed, all my blood values went to better direction, I used some supplements aside the diet.
Good cholestrol up, bad down, trigly’s went down most (note: at least 2 eggs a day, plenty of butter etc, no vegetable fat).
All other variables went to more of the center of suggested variation range.

One of the most changed valua was the liver value. It was within normal range at first but dropped almost 30%.
…and bare in mind, I drink only little alcohol. It’s the sugar.

I know it’s not exactly the “healthiest” diet for slimming down, but I would rather eat badly for one day a week for 8 weeks to lose 20 pounds, than be 20 pounds fat for a year. I would think the benefits outweigh the cons of that diet. It’s just very important to use that for my brother because he wants to lose as little muscle as he can while slimming down before bulking up again.

It’s kind of like me drinking the no/low calorie flavorers. If it wasn’t for those, I wouldn’t be getting a good amount of water. In that situation, I believe the benefits of having the right amount of water greatly exceed the cons of artificial sweeteners and colors.