Difference between Manker A6 and Bangood A6? Aside from price?

Hello. Is there a difference between these two versions aside from price? I’m looking to pick one up. Looks like a good light for the price.

Also, can a protected 3400mah button top cell be used in this light? I only ask because I already have a couple from my Fenix lights.


PS - I found this forum from being a member on CPF, and now will be ordering an A6 and D4………

Yes, they are the same lights, as they come from the same manufacturer.

A 3400mAh button top will fit.

However, on turbo, it may trigger the protection of the 18650, especially for the Emisar D4.

I would recommend getting this cell:

Will work very well, and will allow you to get the max brightness.

Buy 4 of them just in case.

The BLF A6 from Bangood can be purchased in black or non-anodized (i.e., silver). The Manker A6 can be purchased in black, blue, or red. This appears to be the only major difference other than the price.

Manker had a 30% off sale last November and I picked up one in a blue simply because I like blue. But I would only buy from Manker on sale.


Recommend you use flat top batteries as the spring can slip off a button top. I would go with the Samsung 30Qs or Sony VTC6 - whichever is cheaper. I have also run the Panasonic/Sanyo NCR18650GA 10A 3400 mAh battery for better run time with slightly less output.

The price on the 30Q at LiionWholesale right now is $4.73 and will probably be your best deal. I would get as many batteries as you think might need at one time since shipping is high.

And welcome to BLF!

Edited #2: Check the BLF sales threads for deals on the A6 - especially BangGood Deals by Fin17. There is really no need to pay more than $20 shipped for an A6 from BangGood. Take Care!

I guess BangGood is the manufacturer then, right? Thanks!

Thanks everyone! Great input.