diffuser for convoy c8

has anybody found a suitable diffuser for the convoy c8 yet?
i found this one, but it looks like it needs to be modified for it to fit perfect.
i really dont have time to find things around the house or make my own. because i need to purchase like 20 diffusers.

Found this kinda weird one , but hey it works. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Beam-Light-Diffuser-for-22mm-50mm-LED-Flashlights-1-pc/32700248347.html?spm=2114.13010308.0.0.uSUhnd They got 83 pieces on hand rn according to that page. You can try to msg the seller via the aliexpress msg system and try to get a reduced price when u order 20 pieces.

That’s really funny looking. Maybe if it was one piece, I’d try one. And it’s expensive.

Bump because I have this same exact question. I’m looking for a good cheap diffuser. The one linked above would work but it is kind of expensive for what it looks like.


I posted about this previously. C8 Diffuser by repurposing a non-working houshold bulb.

the answer I found is called dc-fix and one of our members has it for sale.

might be worth a search and pm?

Not the same effect as an omnidirectional cone or hemisphere.

Thanks! This might actually work. It will be a very tight fit. I might try it. I’ll report back.

I have one like in Jerommel’s link :

It’s a tight fit and a bit fiddly to attach.

Sounds like a line from a British condom advertisement. LOL!!

I can’t help with the diffuser itself. But what’s the use case for wanting one?

I just think it’s a cool little accessory to a flashlight. It’s cheap and very pocketable. Turns your flashlight to a lantern or night stick for directing traffic or to be seen. I just wish they came in a cream yellow color so that the lantern is not as blinding and white color. I was thinking of finding some type of transparent spray paint to paint these a warm color.

Basically to change the flashlight into a lantern/pure flood. Like if I need to illuminate the tent or a large area while camping. I could try pointing the light at the ceiling but it doesn’t work that well since the light is so focused and the tent walls are not white. Bounce also doesn’t work at all if you are outside.

This is pretty cheap and although the attachment is a little fiddly, I think this will work for me.