Diffuser for Olight S30/S30R?

Hey guys,

I’m just about to purchase the Olight S30, but I’d like to know if any of you have found a diffuser that fits it. I kind of need a diffuser for this, for cases where ceiling bounce doesn’t work.

The Olight TW10 won’t fit since this is wider than the normal lights at 25mm. I have already purchased a Nitecore NDF25, which is 25.4mm. Can anyone confirm that this (or any other) diffuser fits S30?

I got burned once already before, bought the Thrunite TN4A without checking out accessories, now when I need a diffuser for it, can’t find any that fit 45mm width flashlights.

Would appreciate any info!

Did you ever come up with a diffuser that works with the S30??