Diffusers and heat

Will using diffusers make a light heat up faster or get hotter than normal or both?

I am curious as well. I worry that a diffuser over the light will hold in excessive amounts of heat.

I have diffuser film on about half my lights and although I rarely run any thing wide open I'm guessing it may add some extra heat but nothing I've ever noticed and it's not like the diffuser is going to trap heat .generally you can assume the heat is headed towards the heatsink ,the copper / aluminum and your hand which also will pull a bunch of heat away from the light .

At this point I'm carrying 12+ different diffuser sheets and most of them tough enough to handle real heat . I remember playing with some really thin red and green colored sheets on my Emisar Nichia D4. Moving to a darker room to check out the color ...I thought the film had blown off while moving the lights and realized they had evaporated and turned into curled crispy colored gels.

Wonder if a popcorn accessory is going to be available ?

Most lights these days know how to handle heat and just back themselves away from the edge of insanity .

I’d like to see a diffuser with added heat fins around the bezel of the light to help deal with heat at higher levels.

I’ve not yet figured out how to DIY such a piece of kit with good thermal heat path.