Digital Multimeter from DX

My cheapy DMM just went crazy and not reading accurately. Sometimes no reading at all. So I'm on the lookout for a new budget DMM.

I'm looking at the Vichy VC99 digital multimeter from DX and would appreciate your opinions on this DMM.

For those who have this DMM, does the reading drift a lot after maybe a period like 1 year of use? Thanks!

try a new battery first, bad readings are often a result of this. maybe you can test the voltage of your battery

I tried with a new battery, still the same. I have not use the cheapy DMM for more than a year. Used it last week to measure my Li-ion cells and it was behaving oddly. In the end, had to borrow my brother's DMM to measure instead.

The Vichy VC99 is a great DMM. One of my best buys in the electronics area.

You can see my impressions of it and other similar multimeters (pre buy) here: and its capability of measuring frequency here: . It really is great for flashlight hobbyists (just buy a better pair of test leads for larger than 1.5A measurements) and also very useful around the house (don't forget to change the fuses to ceramic, for much better protection).

I don't know about reading drift since I don't have a precise power supply, but the VC99 readings are very close to two el-cheapo VC921 I have (very very good multimeters if you don't need current or temperature, extremely good continuity test and very fast autoranging) and even the two 3$ and 7$ crappymeters I have (for over a year now) give the same results, and as the saying goes - six Chinese DMMs can't be all wrong... I wouldn't worry too much about this issue, especially if you're not into precise electronics (in this case just buy a Fluke ;) ).

Dave Jones from the EEVBlog reviewed the VC99 (summary here: ) and found it lacking, but I think he expects too much of a cheap multimeter, and his comparison was unfair at times.

I don't have that Vichi, but AFAIK they are very good. But if you need something more compact, try UTI-T UT33 series DMMs (I really like my UT33A, you can find it for about 18 bucks)

Thank you guys......I went ahead and ordered 1 unit from DX. Now's the waiting game.

Hei SashiX, did you mean UNI-T UT33A? What do you think of it? I've just ordered one as "backup" DMM from here. With standard cable is able to read +3A?

Yes. We don't really have high requirement for the low voltage DC stuff we do. You really only need a "safe" meter for high voltage power stuff.

Check your pm box ;) Bought mine from tube_buyer. Nice and compact DMM. Recommended!