Dino specials - not

Saw a DinoDirect ad on a website for 50% off flashlights, so I clicked it. One of their specials is an Ultrafire C8 with a XR-E Q5 marked down from $124.78 to "only" $33.69. Had to just laugh.

Ive had many such laughs while browsing most Chinese sites, including Dino's. All I can guess is that its all a part of their dark humor. Just about all cheapie Chinese sites seem to share this odd fascination.

Chinese: "Hahaha! We get rich dummy to buy cheap Chinese crap to clear space in warehouse. We lie. They so stupid! Hahaha!"

Consumer: "God I hope this cheap assed light works better than the other piece of crap they sent me. They want more than what the whole light is worth to send it back to China!!! Now Im stuck with it. Maybe I should order another one and see if its any better. Grrrrrr!!"

Chinese: "Hahaha! They so stupid they order from us again! Must not have brain. Very dumb! Hahaha!

ROFL :bigsmile: Nice "dark humor", Flash :bigsmile:

lmao DD's starting prices...

Well for my own wedding photography biz, i also mark up a bit. I charge $1600 for the base package, but then i automatically discount to $1000. :D

Whatever your price, do your customer come back at you swearing and demanding their money back for misrepresentation? Somehow, I bet they dont. ;)

To top it off, check out some of the shipping charges. I went to the Dino site and randomly ran across this HID, which shows it is "discounted" (73% off, lol) from it's $377.74 "original" price down to $101.99. BUT.... get a load of the shipping to USA,, $108.99!!. http://www.dinodirect.com/flashlight-28-35w-4500lm-2-mode-hid-torch.html

When I buy a light ..

I'm concerned about how it's handled en route.So i like to buy it a first class seat... preferably a window seat .

I like DD...I bought an E01 there for around $10 shipped...and an E21 for I think $23 or so.

In Canada just to buy one of these lights its about $12 shipping and 13% sales tax.

So its a special for me, but I agree that original prices are kind of optimistic.