Dinodirect coupon codes...do any of them actually work?

Have any of you actually had a coupon code work at Dinodirect?

I had a $5 cash coupon for signing up a while back. I've never used it (or ordered anything). I had tried once before but it didn't work. Now I see that it tells you that it is only good for orders greater than $20.

Therefore I started an order that was greater than $20 and it accepted the code but put the discount at 0 and simply re listed the undiscounted price. I looked around the net and found another code that is supposed to still be good. I put that in and it said it had expired even though it is supposed to be good.

I did this with a few other codes all with the same result so I ended up putting in a FU kind of comment...it said that had expired as well!

So, I'm wondering if all of this coupon talk is just a scam since when it comes time to use it none of them seem to work.

Has anyone here actually had one that worked without contacting customer service? I tried "live chat" but it wasn't all that "live" and I didn't want to wait any longer.

By the way, when I first looked at the site today there was a larger banner across the top with a muscular looking arm coming out of the sky with the finger pointing at the text "GOD want you to save up to 70%". I have to admit I've never seen that before (anywhere)!

I have used "FREECASH" and -10% codes and both worked without any problems.

I was able to use my $5 signup coupon on the V10A (this was better than the group buy coupon which was used and lost the first time I ordered it and had to get a refund) along with the $5 gift card from Summer, lowering the price of the light by $10. On the next purchase I was able to apply $0.50 of my dino points. So all 3 discount methods can work. But there are different checkout paths depending on what coupons you want to use. If you use a gift card, then you have to pay using a gift card and the rest will be paid with PayPal. It's a confusing mess. They have a step at the end where your payment is approved and I think that is where they check to make sure you haven't struck pay dirt by combining offers to the point they are losing money. At least I hope that's what that step is for.

Same here.

That's odd. Mine was a coupon ($5 sign up) and it took it but just didn't give me a discount even though the total was $25. I wasn't going to go through to the end hoping that it would take only to have it not take and to find out that I'm paying full price and now get to wait a month for my purchase.

If DD isn't a scan it sure tries hard to appear to be one. Discounts and coupons and codes all over the place yet when you try to use them there's always a problem. It doesn't inspire confidence.

Bryan, that $5.00 code works. However, if you checkout w/o paying, the coupon expires or comes up as used. Check your coupon page. Maybe you can contact CS to have them reissue the coupon.

Also, you are allowed only ONE coupon per order. You can not use this coupon and that coupon and everyother coupon you find on the net. :)

I got me a pair of 14500's for free with that coupon along with my UF-2100 outside of the GB.

I didn't go that far in the checkout process as it still shows as good on my coupon page. I also didn't try to use more than one. I tried one and when it didn't work got out of the process.

The item was still in my cart however so when I found another coupon I went back in and tried that but none of them worked.

At that point I was less concerned with the discount and more concerned with why nothing was working.

Hi, could you please tell me your coupon code? And we can check for you here. As one member said here, if you used the coupon without paying, then you cannot use it in other orders. if there is anything i can help, please just let me know. thanks

I had the same problem, my coupon said it can be used in orders over $20, but when I used it it shows $0 discount, I contact CS and they said it can be used in orders over $50, but that´s not what the website is saying. I think there´s something wrong with DD ...

Coupon code: DINOpmaltezfilho201219FREE
This coupon can only be used for orders over US$ 20.00

I have used DINO chat twice, both worked. Last one was during the national day holiday, a few days later i asked them to push out my 2 x 18650 TF flames order which has been stagnant for 10 days. Someone told me they will process it ASAP, 2 days later i got the shipping notice (that was last week).

My coupon did not work, but emailed Summer and he/she took care of that.

All my cash coupons are for spend over $50.

Before it worked on any price.

I solved the problem by ordering from DX at a price that was lower than I would have gotten at DD anyway. It's too bad the DD system is so messed up. That has to be by design in order to get the most advantage while given up the least.

Have any of you noticed that the current group buy (UF-H3) is available all over ebay at the same and lower prices?

I can see only $35.xx and up. GB price is $25.xx.

Did I miss something?

I see plenty for $23 and even less.


I PM Summer but he told me to talk to CS but they didn´t solve my problem. Hope Summer can help me with this. I´m with an order at DD to go just waiting this coupon problem be solved.

Sorry! I didn't notice that. I just did a Google search and that's what came up.

Unfortunately until today I couldn´t use my coupon. It says Save: Us$ 0.00 and in the website it´s still valid. I called at CS and they said it´s for orders over $50, even in the website is stated orders over $20, so I tried with $50 and NOTHING, see below. PLEASE Summer say something because I´m tired to talk with CS and they couldn´t find a solution. It´s a shame.

Merchandise Subtotal: US$ 34.47
Sales Tax: US$ 0.00
Estimated Shipping and Handling: US$ 0.00
Estimated Total: US$ 34.47
Coupon Code: DINOpmaltezfilho201219FREE
Save: US$ 0.00
Merchandise Subtotal: US$ 51.85
Sales Tax: US$ 0.00
Estimated Shipping and Handling: US$ 0.00
Estimated Total: US$ 51.85
Coupon Code: DINOpmaltezfilho201219FREE
Save: US$ 0.00

Hey - Here are some DD coupons...I was able to use the 6% coupon.

There is also a 5$ off of 30$.


(Its not a spam site, dont worry, just a coupon site I bookmarked on Google.)

If I remember well, some coupons only work for items in XXXX (i.e. "Electronics", "Health and Beauty", etc.) category, and not for a whole web.