DinoDirect, do I dare order from them?

I am looking to order an Ultrafire UF-H2, and I can get it from DD for $24 and change shipped, a good bit cheaper than other places. I have been reading some bad experiences with DD here, do i dare order this from them? How long are orders taking to receive from DD right now?

If you could, order the H3. Packs much more punch for the 18650. The size difference is not that much. I have both H2 and H3.

It is not DD or KD or MF or what, but rather the postal system. If it's by CPAM, it can range from a few days to even more than 1 month. I live in SG and XTAR batteries reaches me in like 6 days. Bestinone batteries reached me twice within 2 weeks, but once it took 29 days. Once, Manafont from HK took 45 days but they usually reach me within 14 days.

So who is at fault? Dinodirect? Manafont? Can't be....

I just ordered a XM-L drop in from DD today and they shipped it 5 hrs later. Usually barring any delays in getting from the distributors, they would ship in 3-4 days.

PS, for these lights, there definitely were more than 100 lights sent out by DD. Only issue is the clip of the H3, this is also not DD's fault. If you wanna use the clip then take note. I only use the magnet when using the light.

I know its got more run time and output than the H2, and have considered the H3. I like being able to use AAs though, and can use 14500s for a little more punch. I have not completely ruled out the H3 though...

Get both.... too bad it's not $13 discount for $50 purchases now. It really is a very useful light and the external quality of it (other than the PWM) does not lose to Fenix/SWM. MAybe the clip of the H3 is a little problematic....that's it.

Don’t worry about ordering from DD. I have no problems with them and they get things into the mail fast.

Great thanks! Now need to decide... UF-H2 or UF-H3. I have unprotected and protected 14500s and 18650s. Hmmmmm maybe the UF-H3 is the way to go since I will be using the headlamp more outdoors than indoors. And the H3 is actually slightly cheaper on DD than the H2.

BTW, use fonarevka for 6%.

Also the H3 has a lower parasitic drain than H2. IIRC, my H2 i calculated it to go flat in a few weeks. H3 drain is negligible plus you get like 4X more juice packed in there. LOL! No comparison. But the H2 is useful too if you prefer the absolute small size and runtime is not an issue. (eg pocket EDC carry)

Constant parasitic current drain:
H3 - 30uA (0.03mA)
H2 (Ni-Mh LSD type) - 4.38mA
H2 (14500 Li-ion) - 700uA (0.7mA)

Solution is very simple, get both and use oneworldshare or something for -10. It used to be -13 bucks! $38 for both H2 and H3? Absolutely crazy deal.

Seems like you can't really use AA, but 14500s.


I've ordered a ton of stuff from DD in the last three months and any problems I did experience were resolved quickly and to my satisfaction. I wouldn't recommend them to just anyone but if you're paying attention and know what you're doing, they're good, in my experience.

Maybe this will help.

Also be sure to keep those magnets away from (non-SSD) hard drives. Those are surprisingly strong for what they're meant to do.

Yeah, as you can see from Oxy moron's pix, the H3's clip is a bit "funny". But usable in my case, for others whose needs definitely need a clip then maybe you need to consider again.

Good point. I lock out my H2 and I guess, after a while, it becomes second nature so it's not an issue for me personally. But that doesn't change that the parasitic drain is inappropriately high for this type of light and that's something to keep in mind.

Hehe. Yeah. Except oneworldweshare is for $5 off, IIRC. XMAS10 should still work though. $15/$18 off $50/$80 was pretty awesome though. Still, $10/$20 off $50/$100 ain't bad either.

Is the clip required to install the light into the headband on either version? I have read varying reports on this.

The 2 rubber rings on the headband really grips the light very very tightly and fits snugly into the grooves of the H2 or H3. You do not need the clip for that. No way it can slip out, even if someone decides to punch you right in the head. The headband would fly first, definitely.

Whenever I go on DD, I get a pop-up with a coupon code for 15% off my order, but it never works. Does anyone know why?

No need to be afraid of them. They are a bit clumsy but they solved all the issues i had with them without resorting to paypal ever. A bit chaotic customer service but at least it works if you have the nerve. Far away from MF level of service but it does work.

Most DD coupon codes require a minimum purchase. How much varies. They also tend to deactivate coupon codes before they're supposed to expire.

Yeah thats kind of what I figured. Thanks.

Thanks everyone, ordered the UF-H3 for $23.87 shipped from DD.

I'm late. But I just want to reiterate what they said. Don't be afraid to order from DD it will be okay. And in case some thing's not right they will resolve it to your satisfaction. And they have fantastic offers too.

You'll love the UF-H3 for the price. I use it everyday.

I second what Leelou said. I've made a couple of purchases with them and so far they are good which decent to good delivery time, quickest being less than a week minus custom hold up. You got to be patience especially when issue arises, at the end they do deliver with a little persistence. Go to love their sweet discounts!