DinoDirect Email Bombardment

I ordered the UF-H3 as part of the Group Buy. Since placing the order I have received 13 "progress report" emails from DinoDirect about the order. Usually it's the same email 3 times in a row within 30 seconds.

I'm all for keeping in touch with the customer but this is ridiculous!

Same here. It is annoying as i have my email connected to my iphone. The time they send email usually when i was sleeping at night.

I usually get one dupe a couple of seconds later. So that's definitely a bug. The progress reports may have to do with the way their ticket system is set up. Some systems send out an update every time a ticket is touched. That's good if you work there and you need to be kept in the loop. Not so good if the email goes to the customer.

Hmmm...not complaining by any means but the only email I got was a couple days ago notifying me that my light was shipped. It also had a pic of the light in it's gift box which I actually found to be a nice touch. No duplicates to the email and no other SPAM from them either. That'll probably change now that I talked about it. LOL