Dinodirect HM Q5 Focus LED Flashlight (1×AA/1×14500) mini review

This is the HM Q5 i won from dinodirect giveaway
specs from dinodirect

:black_medium_small_square:Product Name: Ultrafire CREE XPE-Q5 Mini LED Flashlight
:black_medium_small_square:Transmitter Brand CREE
:black_medium_small_square:Emitter Type: Q5 Maximum output: 700Lumen
:black_medium_small_square:Mode: High / Low / Strobe
:black_medium_small_square:Battery Configuration: 1 AA / 1 14500 batteries (not included)
:black_medium_small_square:Switch Type: Press the ON / OFF
:black_medium_small_square:Switch Location: Tail cap
:black_medium_small_square:Carrying clip: yes
:black_medium_small_square:Waterproof: Waterproof design, but do not put it into the water Zoom: None
:black_medium_small_square:Color: purple
:black_medium_small_square:Weight: 67G
:black_medium_small_square:Dimensions: 97 mm point ¯x29 mm (head) × 21 mm (tail)

photos compared to the sk68 , its a bit taller , but protects better the lense.

all the parts of the flashlight

the pill has a small hole in the center but its not that big

the driver,i measured at high 2Amps with 1.5v Alkaline and 1.5 amps with aw IMR14500

the pill take almost perfect copper pills ,you just need to force them a bit and are perfect fit.

i am planing to mod it with uv led on copper ,but a xpg2 on copper will the best mod for this cheap light.
dinodirect offer for this small light a coupon code : BLFHM and you can have it for US$4.99
i really like it and i think its the best alternative to sk68 with a better looking.

You managed to get the chip out, I’ve tried but it feels like it’s going to break. I really hate the next mode memory :(.

Do you mean the driver out?

Looks like from the pictures you could desolder the LED leads, remove the star then push the driver out by inserting something into the central hole and pressing on the driver board.

In the closeup picture of the driver, the inductor ferrite core appears to have a piece missing at the top front (bottom when installed) where it helps the magnetic field spread out to complete closed loops through the air. That has several times happened to me when Fasttech sends drivers with that shape core in soft packaging. That must degrade performance to some extent, but I don’t know whether it would be noticeable. Without the broken off part, more of the field must be in air rather than in ferrite, which reduces the inductance value of the inductor coil. The field is not very strong there, so unless the circuit is very sensitive to the inductance it may not matter much.

I have this light apart, planning on putting in a XM-L2 driven at 2.8 amps with a IMR14500. Why would a xpg2 be a better choice?

Supposedly XPG2 would have a higher surface brightness at the same current. This means more throw, even though the spot is smaller and flood is dimmer.

Of course that doesn’t tell the whole story. XML2 has less resistance and can probably pull more amps from a small cell. This can sometimes make up for the difference in surface brightness.

I recently took a similar light with a 3 amp driver on IMR 14500. Previously I had a dedomed XPG2 that gave around 12k lux. I swapped in a dedomed XPL and saw my lux in spot mode jump to 17k, with a bigger spot! And flood mode was MUCH brighter. The tint was also more pleasing.

You are professional and familiar with it :slight_smile:

about the driver I noticed the small “damage” ,but when I use the light didn’t notice any problem.

for led i prefer xpg2 ,more throw to benefit from the aspheric lense and less heat for a small light like this.

Huh, I see that all the time on drivers from FastTech — I’ve assumed that’s why they were cheap from FT, because I’ve never found the broken-off part in the package. So I figured they sent broken stuff routinely.

No? When the black bits are broken off those things, they don’t work the same?
I guess I figured that part was broken plastic, not part of the electronics.