Dinodirect Klarus flashlights

I haven’t seen any good reviews for Dinodirect but I couldn’t resist. I received my tracking info within 24 hours. We will see what actually arrives in the package. Paid via paypal. These prices are very low and Klarus can be some tough MAP nazis.


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I didn’t know dinodirect was still alive…

My last purchase with them I think it was 10 years ago maybe? Not really much to say about them but back then the shipping times were SLOW, my last order took almost two months.

Those prices are good but not as good as the GBs.

I read the reviews for the Klarus XT11GT on Dinodirect, and their authenticity is questionable (in my opinion).

Not one review mentioned the words; Klarus, XT11GT, flood or throw, etc...

They read like some college student who knows nothing about flashlights was paid to write 'generic' flashlight reviews-

A five star rating from the future ?

Tammi B.
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Good catch, I missed that

"This is a great flashlight for a great price. It is very bright, and is great because of the span of light it emits. It surprisingly does not drain battery too fast."


Same old Dino Dung. Avoid.
Dino Dung complaints & rating

Just great. Now i’m a little worried. They are going to send me a cheap flashlight with latticebright led’s. Those reviews are all bogus, thanks for the heads up everyone. All the reviewers put their middle initial in their name. And one of them is named Apple. I’ve dealt with chinese flashlight companies enough to know their fake american names such as Pinky and Apple. The one review even says “the energizer batteries i’m using lasted a long while” lol

clearly nothing true there.... :(

Laura J. Atkinson
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So “she” ordered the light, received it, took it to camping and then submitted the review, all done in the same day before 2:18pm, talk about speed!

They also have reviews with purchase date for the G20, submitted 1 month before it hit the shelves anywhere in the world, even before it was listed on their own website. I’m impressed.