Direct Drive Drivers

Anyone know of a good DD driver at 17mm for the C8? I import for my store the Sofirn C8T & C8A but the driver has bugs so looking for something else. Constantly getting low voltage protection kicking in with a fully charged GA & 30Q in the latest batch.

Needs to be a website that’ll ship internationally and for a decent price.

I’ve looked at the BLF A6 driver but 35 sec Turbo is too short. The Astrolux S2 driver has issues with timings when it gets hot. I see Simon at Convoy has a new driver but reckons it’ll kill an XPL HI. It pulls 4.5A - 6A.

The new driver from Simon won’t kill an XP-L HI, since its VF is much higher than the SST-40, and will never receive high enough voltages to actually kill it.

4,5-6A is perfectly fine for an XP-L HI.

Also, you should be very interested for this driver since it is not a FET driver, but a a linear FET driver.

That means it has regulations on all modes as long as the cell has enough voltage.

For DD You need only few wires and switch.