Direct Driving a xm-l

Hi guys

what is the max volts i can Direct Drive a XM-L

cheers Barrie

I have one direct drive XML I made that runs on 3 AAAs with no problems, so I have tried 4.6volts I haven't tried any higher than that.

thanks guys

i am running one in a 2D mag on 3 half Ds =3.6v

i was wondering if it would be any brighter on 4.8v but did not want to risk frying it

just tried it in a 3D mag on 4 c-cells

verrrry bright for a few seconds and then in the blink of a eye very blue and very dead

OH well hope my order from KD arrives soon then we can start all over again Cool

i will stick with 3 cells

Thanks for testing that for us! Max 3 NiMHs, got it.

Fully charged NiMH, 3 of them would be 4.2V thereabouts sagging just a bit to maybe 3.4V during heavy load. 3A is not a heavy load. Good C size NiMH easily provides 10A, so definitely can dish out the juice.

Sorry you melted it man,2100 is right I should have noted that 3 AAA Duraloops are going to sag quite a bit driving an XML.