Disappearing message

I received a “notification banner” that I had a new message but when I clicked on the link there was no message! :~ So strange…

That could have been me. I posted a reply to a post in the X7 thread earlier today, but immediately deleted it because I realized I had posted to the wrong thread. I think I did the same thing a day or two ago. I need to be more careful when I have multiple tabs open.

I meant private message rather than replies to a thread. :slight_smile: But you are right, deleting a post can still show the red “updated” sign.

Chloe, the same can happen with a PM, someone could have sent one, then deleted it. You would never know except for the notice.

a secret admirer! Sending multi colored kittens and chocolates, no doubt! :slight_smile:

But I would never see it! >.< Maybe such feature could be abused? I don’t know. I need chocolate and hugs. :_(


Well, I think we know who does disappearing messages around here, maybe that certain someone started to do it with private messages too. :wink:

Does it work? I got a message.

what msg? :bigsmile:

How could you know that?! Who told you? Give me the scoundrel’s name!

2 in 1.

Why does the user Dinodouche come to mind….?

You read my mind!

;) :evil:

https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/19883 How to access (and create) hidden private messages

Just like Craig Ferguson, I'm a late night douche. :p

^ Also known as: What you call “a secret admirer” police call a stalker?

I wondered maybe it was a spammer and they were deleted before I could read? But no one else reported it…

Chloe, I could send you a PM and then try to delete it.

Let me know if you want me to do that.

You can try but I think leaftye already tried deleting a message and I still got it.