Disappointed with Fenix

Well the story starts out with my BTU shocker… As everyone knows, when customizing it. I customized it right out of working. One of the more skillful members very generously offered to fix it. Well we are changing the emitters. Turning up the driver a bit & generally over hauling the light.
So I got the bright idea…Lets change the lens as well. Being we are doing all this a AR coated lens would be awesome. Here begins my problem. I looked up the email for sales for Fenix… The TK70 & BTU have almost identical heads… Why not see if I could buy a 70 lens. I sent them a email asking to buy a lens. Good lord what a run around… I was told not to take my TK70 apart. That they have 24 hour service techs, to send my light in to them. It took me two days of this email bombardment to finally get frustrated. I finally asked… Do you sell TK70 lens’s YES or NO? I was never so glad to be told no in my life. Those emails were sucking my will to live.

That sucks… sounds like Thru-Nite about the rear tail cap, why do you want to take it off….

I figured they would sell me a lens pretty easily. Apparently I was mistaken.

I’d try contacting a reliable reseller about it. They may have a doa return or have one to part out. Couldn’t hurt to send a few emails or make a few calls. Worst they can do is say no

Either that or I gonna call a custom glass shop here in town.

Took a few emails, but that’s how I found a battery tube I was looking for. Crelant wouldn’t sell one. I even asked for a factory second. They said they only make parts for complete lights or something like that.

They are probably trying to keep people from modding their lights, or using them in other lights. Just like Maglite, they have a product and don't want copies or cheap fakes, or mods. I found out the hard way that Maglite frowns on what I am doing with their lights. I was surprised when the links of my mods went to their legal department. I thought that was kind of raw.

I don't think a local glass shop will have the stuff you want, but it's a try. They might.

you may be able to get them to make a custom size lens also. not sure if they can get ones made, or just buy and sell though

Seems things are declining there… hardly anything in stock.

What?! I’d tell ’em to shove it. None of their damn business.

How's that?

Well, is it only me that finds the denial of fenix as logical?

Fenix wants to protect its products and doesn’t want its customers to open them and make mods on their own.

Dale,That’s stupid of them to tell you they can’t even sell you one. That’s really bad biz.

Interesting, do tell in a new thread.

[quote=Slim Pickens]
Dale, That’s stupid of them to tell you they can’t even sell you one. That’s really bad biz.

Nope, I didn’t intend to derail Dale’s thread. Wasn’t the point, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

My apologies to Dale and the rest of you.

As much as I like Fenix. I am having thoughts of kicking them off my future purchase list. I was only asking for a lens.


No worries OL. Seemed a bit excessive their treatment of your mod posts.


No worries, didn’t mean to imply that in the least (I edited my original post before I read your reply). Just wanted to be able to discuss it more in depth :wink:


No worries, didn’t mean to imply that in the least (I actually edited my original post before I read your reply). I wanna hear more of your experience with Mag Legal in a dedicated thread.

EDIT: Hmm. Quoting is acting up. I wanted to quote O-L in the last post. The double post is my bad, though.

Really? If wasn’t for you, nobody on this forum would even consider buying a Maglite. You have sold Mags for them than anyone else because you showed people that they can actually be turned into a light worth having.

I feel the glass lens on the btu dsnt affect much perfomance wise. probably will get 3 or 4 lumen gain from upgrading to a coated lens…
The upgrade i did was remove the upside down springs and add new thicker springs properly whichs holds the**+ battery tighly+** .the battery carrriers spings are way to soft and squishly