Disappointed with my Klarus Mi7

Damn I was eyeballin this too! Guess I’ll look for another 14500 light.

Obviously your light is defective, if you not see much diference between 240 lumens NiMH and 580 lumens 14500 (my measurements)……your light is defective or your batteries are not good….is obviously. Sometimes I have defective lights, I claim in this case at manufacturer (or seller)….but this seems a attack continously to a this Mi7. I have maked many test to AA lights, and Klarus Mi7 is on the Top of AA lights in 2016 !!!

Other guy say uff 550 or 580 is not 700 lumens…sure all you difference visually the difference….jua,jua
There are a campaign for attack this light perhaps?..…

If your light is faulty it will remain so much to complain until you claim, why you do not claim the manufacturer?
Why someone with your experience, has spent years in the forum, has many messages …. you believe that the beam will be the same in a zebralight that in a Mi7 (XP-L Hi V3) or a S1 (TIR lens) … …I do not know, …X-File….

I wanted to like this flashlight. Unfortunately, it doesn’t live up to the hype. Mine could indeed be defective, who knows? So what am I supposed to do now? Banggood will probably take it back if I complain. Who’s paying for the shipping? Probably me. That ain’t gonna happen. I’ll just chalk it up as a loss. I’ll give it away and be done with it. End of story…

By your own measurements above^, Mi7 is lacking over 17% of total ADVERTISED lumen output. That is MY problem with the Mi7. Klarus is overstating from the getgo. Let the buyer beware. There is no organized campaign to attack this light. the resulting lumens that you yourself tested and presented here clearly show mi7 is lacking. Relax. It’s still a great little light. I’m glad you are pleased with it. Maybe the other poster has a defective light, but that does not change your own measured lumens of 240 –580.

My box/lux is good for me and for comparing, but obviously is not integrated sphere certificated by some official qualification for …
If seriously we are talking about 15% lumens of difference….you must a problema with

- JetBeam

- Nitecore

- Sunwayman

- MecArmy

- Lumintop

- Manker

- Olight

  • ……….

Here you go!

I kind of like this "red". More of a crimson color?

Wait a minute, let me get the core of this thread in perspective…

Chinese lumens are not genuine lumens!!!

May be the single most populated issue in all of BLFdom.

I’m sending mine to an un-named very cool BLF member tomorrow totally free. If he wants to let himself be known, that’s fine with me. Just please wait until it arrives.

Edit: it’s been sent. He should have it on Monday.

Klarus claimed 700 lumens. Let’s just say that is a simple overstatement.
What happened to ANSI or …out the front lumens ratings? Honest ratings?
Shame on Klarus. Or just simply, let the buyer beware on this one.
Glad I held out. As a matter of fact, I will never buy a light again without a few trustworthy reviews to back it up. My intent is not to spoil it for anyone. It’s a nice light for sure, but disappointing to ME with the information I have gleaned about advertised brightness thus far.

Yea, I agree. I buy into the frenzy of a new GB offering. I need to STOP doing that. This was one I got excited about. Now I am disappointed and I haven’t even received my light yet }D And I just did it again, ordered the BTU PK26. Amazing design! Hope it works out nicely. I also should WAIT for a review before purchasing a light. I’m impatient.

Manker E11 around 320-330 lumens (ANSI between 30-180 seconds after on….manufacturer claims 400 lumens)……
around 15-18% overrated……someone of the people(of this thread) is upset about this?..…bla,bla,bla….not campaign… nooo

Just wait when all Klarus-believers received CLARUS G20 XHP70 3K! It becomes a chaos here! 8^)

Yes its not nice from the manufacturer to claim 700 lumen, im somehow used to those things from the past. There were lots of claims in the past. On the other hand, what is the alternative, the only reason im not pissed is because i just wanted a bright 14500 light with voltage indicator function and a super low mode from off. Ok, 300 Lumen would be a bit to dimm for me but 550-600 is about right for me in such a small EDC. With 700 Lumen that thing would be overheating even faster. Im also not pissed because of the Group buy price . I mean it wasnt that expensive.

Just received mine. It’s difficult for me to compare output, but I can say it’s still very bright on 14500. Hot spot is brighter than my Convoy S2+ 6*7135 on max. Smaller a bit and therefore brighter. I can say that it has enough power. Worth the coupon price.

Cons from my side:

  • the button feels a little “cheap” - but it’s just a feeling
  • no clip, no magnet….I don’t prefer keychain type lights, especially AA size
  • the “low” mode (should be rather called medium) could be little lower on AA to increase the runtime.
  • it could also start from that “low” instead of high.

What I like:

  • the moonlight mode - it’s excellent for my needs
  • fit & finish (except button)
  • it’s small, pocketable
  • very well spaced modes on 14500

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I got a bit more, based on my measurement with eneloop pro it stays above the 380 lumens mark for 90 seconds.

In any case, a good result for a NiMH aa of this size, really, I am not complaining about the values of the E11 or the Mi7, they are all good, even the JetB-I Mk is great with 14500 … with NiMH the JetBeam …. is a little low…

Hi sir, we didn't overstate lumens, please check.

Hello Sir, Nice see you here in this thread,…is not a surprise……(some friend call you perhaps……?)

I have measured for example around 82 lumens for your Nice Manker E01, other people with very good equipment have measured 90 lumens E01 , I think you rated 102 lumens, I think you are ok , is overrated 10-12 % for the equipment of others. I do not critic this, I only complain that some people only see the overrated data for other brands….
Your flashlight is very good AA, and so are others. I just try to show that discrepancies 10-15% of lumens are normal in different measurements and that some people attack for the simple pleasure of attacking.

I got mine today. Not crazy about the UI. I like my Ultratac K18 better. Still a good deal.