Disappointed with my SolarForce L2P.

I know it's a budget light but I was expecting better QC with their premium L2P series with the HAIII. When I received mine, there were a lot of nicks and scratches. On some places, you can see the silver aluminium being exposed. Both the black & polished bezel also cannot screw down completely. Not sure if this happens to all L2P, I had to remove the black washer ring before it can screw it down more. Kind of defeat the purpose without the black washer ring as it was to protect the glass lens from being scratch by the bezel. The light arrived with just a plastic blister packing, with no paper backing. Seems like they just lego it, put it in the plastic packing and staple it.

I'm not trying to nitpick, but I have some budget lights like the Ultrafire C3, C2, Jetbeam BA20, and the anodizing were way better than the SolarForce L2P. I'll be contacting Solarforce-sales for a replacement for this. No way I'm gonna accept it. Hope it can be resolved soon.

hmmm. I would contact the seller and point these things out to them. Who did you get it from?

I got it from SolarForce sales which was listed on SolarForce website as an authorized retailer. I have send them an email, will wait for them to reply.

Did you receive it with the clip on it already? Looks like it took a fall b4 packing(pretty bad if its really HAlll). I ordered an L2 from them and the flat bezel, the bezel was not installed and the host was in the plastic packaging.

I hope they get back to you soon

I have that same switch sitting in front of me and it’s perfect. I do run into the bezel gasket problem though.

The clip was put on later by me. I've had no issues with the accessories. They work well. Only disappointed with the nicks and dents.

How did you fix your bezel gasket problem? Did you install it without the bezel gasket?

I'm OK without the bezel gasket as long as water don't seep through it since there is a rubber gasket below the lens. So when I tighten down the bezel, it should be waterproofed. Just can't accept the nicks & dents on a brand new light! :(

I just don’t use the gasket, it doesn’t seem to cause any problems.

Bro, your light seems bad. I have the same L2P, and also L2X, Masterpiece Pro-1, 2 x L2, L2i, 16340/18650 extension tubes, and none of them looks like yours. My L2P has a single nick that shows the alu, but its smaller than yours, a fine tipped permanent market fixed it.

Yes, my 16 bucks Tank007 M10 with HA looks perfect, even my 10 bucks TK-703 HA is "perfect". Those lights are the cheapest with HA and would not be totally way out of place beside an Olight.

I have four L2Ps and all of them have the same gap between bezel and the head. Same gap when using the B6 bezel. I think it's a design feature, possibly to allow use of a thinner O-ring and still have enough bezel to tighten it down. It doesn't bother me.

All the marks on your light would bother me though.

SF-Sales has a good reputation for customer service. Let them know about your problem and give'em a chance to make it right.

Mine has a nick in the bezel - that's a good idea using the marker to re-black it after smoothing out the nick with sandpaper.


I just received mine a few days ago too. There is a noticeable nick or chip below the head. Otherwise it's pretty nice.

Anybody notice a LOT of battery rattle? This would be my biggest complaint so far.

No battery rattle on mine. Using XTAR 2600 and Trustfire flame 2400.

Yup, I drop them an email with the attached photos. Will wait for them to reply back.

Actually upon closer inspection, my L2X and Masterpiece Pro-1 has some very very minor nicks as well showing the alu. But no issue for me...

Then again, my Tank007s which are much cheaper, are flawless....

Someone (over at CPF) having a lot of Chinese lights and the branded ones, did mention that the Chinese HA would chip off after some usage.

Spot the nicks .... mark with permanent market, you won't see them unless up close and in a very bright environment at an angle against the light.


Exactly ;) Shouldn't be considered as design fault.

Yup, with TF black and new XTAR 2600 (18700).

I think the bezel not screwing down is due to them using thicker glass than they used to.

Either that or I've mixed up lenses :P

Hmm Sashix notices battery rattle, but flame2000 does not. I wonder what the differences are? Again, this doesn't seem to affect functionality, but it makes it feel really drastically cheaper.

Both the tailcap spring and the drop-in spring will determine how much the battery rattle. Mine is a brand new light, probably the springs on both end are firm and not compressed yet. Just my thought.

Ah, you're right, I forgot about the dropin spring. Yep, that's definitely a variable. What dropin are you using? I have the Ultrafire XM-L 3-mode from Manafont. (It's hard to be too critical with the amount of light this dropin puts out... shockingly, dangerously bright!)