Disappointing Skylumen craftsmanship

Just receive my Acebeam e10 with Spec 3 mods and engraving after a few weeks wait (driver issues).

The craftsmanship was appalling. Immediately I noticed that the bezel holding the glass had a 2.5mm gap, glue or something on the body, scratches, pry marks / poorly seated driver, and a rattle. I have a stock e10 to compare.

I reached out and received the option to return for a refund and was told not to purchase from them if I don’t want damaged lights.

I thought I would share the info here as I was supprised after reading good reports on Vinh’s mods.


Thanks for the info and the pictures.

Is there a rattle even when there is no battery in the flashlight?

I had a similar experience with Skylumen. Paid a premium $750+ for 2 flashlights when I got them in both lights had battery indicator lights that were no longer working. When I asked about them not working Vinh said when he does the mods they no longer work. Would have liked to have known that beforehand. Just overall doing business with Skylumen was unpleasant. There were other things as well just don’t feel the need to keep bashing.

Ultimately, Vinh is modding lights. Not all will be able to be opened invisibly. The gap is interesting - I’d guess a difference in MCPCB thickness.

That said, your complaints are valid. His lights will not always be “like new” and people deserve to know that.

Lastly, be careful posting negatively about Vinh on a certain other forum. It’s not him, but rather the forum, that may be an issue.

Thank you for sharing the info.It is good to know this beforehand.

> The craftsmanship was appalling.

since the job is not satisfactory
take the refund option

what is spec 3 mod?

The bezels have those notches in them because that’s that you use to open it with a special tool.
It is near impossible to open it without damage especially when flashlight manufacturers use loctite or glue on the threads.

If you want a spotless flashlight you need to buy one that is stock or only assembled once, or that is build mod-ready.

Bummer. It stinks your light was damaged, but it sort of is caveat emptor, although I never would have allowed that light to ship without telling the buyer about it. Acebeam’s new lights are glued and need to be either heated or apply brute force to open the head/remove the bezel. I can’t say how many times I’ve boogered a light no matter how careful I was with the pliers or picks.

While that is partially true, this might have been prevented by protecting the tools with some tape.
The protruding bezel is really unnecessary, just as the scratch, oh wait that is his engraving, you meant the small spot do you ? :sunglasses:

Maybe I’m pushing this beyond the limits of politeness, but you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs. If the manufacturer takes every precaution to prevent a light to be opened, it will take special measures to open it. And the chance there will be some (minor) damage is very prominent.
Vinh knows that, and his buyers should be aware of that.
As far as I remember Vinh is always going for customer satisfaction, so he offered to refund you. Now you have the choice of taking him on that offer, and say goodbye to a terrific mod. Or keep the light, and be content with all it’s pro’s and con’s.


I hate it when manufacturers use red loctite to glue things together. Takes a lot of musclepower and pliers to get through it. Scratched up a bunch of my own lights trying, sometimes without success. And wrapping an item with tape before using pliers doesn’t help much. In my experience, the amount of grip strength needed causes the pliers to cut through any tape.

That said, while a scratch or two might be ok on a purchased modded light, I wouldn’t expect a light to come back covered with scratches. And I certainly wouldn’t expect there to be an open gap and a rattle. Sounds like it wasn’t reassembled properly.

If you take premium $ for your work you MUST offer a premium service. I’ve made special tools to do the job, most of them have leather (no tape) backing and they never scratch anything.

The amount of torque necessary to open the head will push through any electrical or duct tape you put on the tool.

Not sure how you would fit leather around a 2mm pin that needs to fit in a 2.5mm notch but ok.

I couldn’t agree with you more

Maybe Wile E Coyote and you could found the ACME 3D-printed bezel remove tool company.

I’ve munted my E10 bezel trying to open it - next will be the heat gun, because I’m sure it’s a red loctite situation. I just want to replace the wires with thicker ones for when I’m shoving more current through it.

Ya…. cause “making” make shift specialized tool to do rather specific job such as this and some how having a leather thin enough and material strong enough to withstand the kind of torque needed to open some lights which have been made not to be opened generally is easy right ?

The prices from what I can see are MSRP+ cost of parts and work not really as “premium” as you are making it out to be….

I used Sipas (polyamide) and made collars for some tools. There’s always a way, but it takes time and some work.

Maybe try to use this tool to open it.Skip to 5.15

Just to note that I opened one of my two E10’s by super-glueing the bezel to a clean flat green cutting board then twisting the light. It turned off easily, then removed the bezel from the board by flexing the board, then carefully cleaned the glue from the top bezel surface. There is no evidence that the bezel threads were glued. It now has no marks on it (which it probably would have had if if tried using a tool in the notches).

So if I can do that with little/no modding experience I am surprised about the treatment your light received in the experienced hands of Skylumen…