Discharge test: "Naccon" D-cells from China, eBay

Has anyone ordered? :D

Well, I did just for the fun of it.

I ordered my first lowish output D-cell Smallsun recently, now thought of getting "cheap" (not so cheap but random) batteries from eBay and then purchasing Duracells locally. Do runtime on both, see what happens.

NACCON, cheapest with shipping to here


Normal Duracell copper tops have about 12000 mAh (depending on load, on truly low draw applications energizer claims their D cells do 18000 mAh) Most non-name brand cells grossly over state capacity. Are name brand alkaline cells that expensive in Suomi that over 11 dollars for three cells is "cheap"?

TThere is a big variance and I think I can get proper ones for about the same price.

Just though about testing them. Good reference to look for capacity near 10´000 for better ones.

I look forward to the testing, I wasn't trying to dissuade you, I just didn't know if you knew normal brand name alkalines have the same claimed capacity.

any results?

Not yet. I sold my only D-cell flashlight before these arrived…
Any good ideas how to measure them without proper gear? :slight_smile:
one thing: these had higher idle voltage, than locally bought cheap brand (which is exactly same looking as Energizer D).

Good news!

It seems that my Imax B6 can do a discharge to alkalines or at least D-cell.

Testing now one Naccon D-cell, with Imax B6 NiMh discharge.

Starting voltage 1,629V.

Discharging at 1,0A and down to 0,8V. By evening I´ll post some results.

would like to know the mAh!

looks like you have better tools than me ;)

Someone tested those Ebay Ultracells 11000mAh to be about 4500mAh.


Did discharge with setting down to 0,1V.

With 1A discharge, got 5306mAh out of it.

Now doing a second run with same battery and 500mA after rest, already 900mAh on the clock.

1A: 5306mAh

After that,

500mA: 5215 mAh :o

Total of these two runs: 10´521mAh

Now trying to get last juices at 200mA. 137mAh already out. :)

Edit: ended up giving 1771mAh

Total: 12´292mAh

I´m not sure if I´m doing it right, when giving it second rounds. It seems though, that 1A was far too high if you want to get most mAh´s out from this.

Overall, I´m VERY surprised that this kind of battery goes over 10´000mAh, even though with small amperage...

Supposed to do that.... my Tenergy 8000mAh LSD got 8900mAh @ 1A. I think i discharged it to 0.9V (loaded).

TK70 discharges it at 7.5A if i remember correctly.

I just did a recharge coz the Tenergy cells were dead (TK70 kicked down from Turbo to high, some juice left though). They accepted 8.8Ah before exibiting delta-V peak.