Discount for Mini Anduril FLashlight SC21 Pro on!

I would like a code.

PM sent, please check your message out, thank you!

Code please

Can I get a code

Please check your mesage, thnak you!

Yes, please check your message, thank you!

Code please. Thank you.

code please :wink:

Nice EDC! I would love the code please!

they are nice lights

it;s my main EDC at the moment

displaced the mighty FW3A

after about 4 months, my only comment is, i miss the 18650 energy capacity

but it;s the tradeoff for small size

May I have a discount code please?

Just ordered.

Does anyone know if an 18350 will fit?


I recommend you buy the SC21 Pro WITH the Sofirn button top battery.

fwiw, it is 33.8mm long… in case you want to check any UnProtected Button Top 16340 you might already own.

Order placed, thank you. Sofirn is awesome.


Yes I did order one with a battery.

If it’s not too late, can I have code for this too? Thanks!

If the rumor is true that they have switched to anduril 2 I would like one as well please.

If this code is still available, I would like to order as well. Thanks in advance.

FWIW, codes are only good for Black.

I would like a code for the SC21 Pro too, please. Thankyou