Discussion of Lumintop HL18 950 lumen headlamp $33.59 after 40% discount.

USB micro rechargeable and comes with a 18650. Normally $55.99. I tried to find it cheaper but I couldn’t it. Anyone have any experience with it? I was looking for a new headlamp.

I just ordered one for my son in law…. After a failed nitecore hc60 followed by a bad customer service experience. Hoping we have better luck with this one.

Which place has the special?

I ordered mine through Amazon. Look in the deals section of this forum.

I have looked through the Amazon deal thread and I didn’t see any thing to do with this headlamp. Can you give me the code if possible please?

That’s one of the rules, we can’t post them codes anywhere. Look in the deals section, not just the Amazon section

The deal was here. https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/17986?page=48

But it looks like it has expired.