Does anybody know something about DIV09,tell me about that?


First page of results for things with that in the description includes mention of a dive light.


I just got three Brinyte dive lights in the mail today to modify for a buddy at work who dives. The models I got were the DIV01, 05-V, and 11. The good news is that all of the ones I got appear to be well made, well packaged, and includes a good combination of accessories in the box. I’ll let you know what my friend thinks of them.

yup,I saw that,thanks!have you used it before?

Awesome,when you will use it ,and then tell me about what you think,I also want to buy a new one.but I am still considering. I saw the div09 on Alibaba,but I am not sure actual lumens ,If you know about that,please tell me.

Thanks a lot

yup,I saw that ,thanks!!

My unscientific impression is that they are probably around 800 lumens out the front, but I need to measure them still. They’re with my friend right now, I’ll get them back next week after he has time to play with them and see what he likes and dislikes.

really,cool.oh ,I am very lucky that you can give me the info,thanks

I am looking forward a new answer,give me some detail information or review is better.I saw the link on google,but not very enough,thank a lot

Sorry, lights are still with my friend, I’ll try and remember to update once I get them back.