DIVING FLASHLIGHTS and equipment from Banggood & Aliexpress

Diving flashlights (Banggood)

LED Diving Flashlight

$ 61.04

code: BGSPR
diving Flashlight

$ 104,71

code: BGSPR
2 diving Flashlight

$ 418,85

code: BGSPR
Archon DY01
XP-L diving Flashlight

$ 67,18

code: BGSPR
Trustfire DF30
2350lm Dive Flashlight

$ 78,02

code: 4BLF
Trustfire DF70
XPH70 3200lm Neutral White Diving Flashlight

$ 64,28

code: 4BLF
Nitesun DIV15S
4*XPL 26650 Diving Flashlight Mountable Bracket

$ 152,47

code: FIND16270
Haikelite TS100
6500K 1000Lumens Diving Flashlight 18650

$ 21,10

code: FinBG2020
XM-L2 LED Diving Flashlight

$ 26,10

code: 935d63
XPH70 3000lm Diving Flashlight

$ 127

code: FIN2153
1000lm 100m Dive Flashlight

$ 51.99

code: FIN8974
1000lm 3 Modes Dive Photo Fill Light

$ 49.99

code: FIN6876
6500K 800lm 80m Diving Flashlight

$ 61.99

code: FIN6217
300lm 5000K 60m Dive Flashlight

$ 16.99

code: FIN8975
Sofirn SD01
3* SST40 6000LM Fill Diving Flashlight

$ 67,99

code: BGSF
Sofirn SD02
XM-L2 830Lm 3Modes Diving Flashlight

$ 20,00

code: FINBG2020
Sofirn SD02A
XM-L2 3000K 3Modes Diving Flashlight

$ 27,79

code: FINBG2020
Sofirn SD05
XHP50.2 2550lm Diving Flashlight 21700

$ 18,94

code: CBRIDGTec
Solarstorm DX4S
4 x XM-L2 U2 3200Lm Diving Flashlight 60M

$ 34,18

code: FIND16270
Elfeland Diving
XM-L T6 3 Modes Flashlight

$ 5,46

code: FinBG2020
Diving Video Fill Light
15x L2 Underwater 100-200m

$ 61,79

code: FIND16270
Diving Video Fill Light
10x XML2 100-200m Underwater

$ 59,41

code: FIND16270
StarryLight WP0C
5 x LEDs 2 3Modes Diving Flashlight + Bracket + Wrench

$ 30,53

code: FIND16270
AloneFire DV51
XM-L2 18650/21700 Diving Flashlight

$ 26,52

code: FIND16270


Interesting (in my opinion) new diving flashlight Litwod XHP70.2

Price $16.72 (without battery and charger)

>>> LINK <<<

Trusting cheap lights from no name brands that use counterfeit LEDs for diving… what could go wrong in that combination :person_facepalming:

Maybe ok for heavy rain storm.

I have a "noname" flashlight Solarstorm D01 XML2 with a very similar (plastic) body.

Withstood 30-40 dives (last time in October 2020) and works great.

(Ignore the rusty screws on the switch, I somehow forgot to desalinate it).

Regarding the flashlight that made you ironic.

The aluminum case and the XHP70.2 LED are declared (although there are doubts about its authenticity).

Perhaps I'll order it for comparison. )))

You got a ‘good one’ The solarstorm I got that looked similar was a complete POS.
That switch WILL rust out…completely, guarantee it.

An XHP70.2 at mass quantities costs around $5 from what I can tell, then you need a boost driver to power it, a host, a mcpcb to reflow it on, etc, not to mention waterproofing it to make it a dive light. What profits can they possibly have selling it for $16?

The picture of the LED doesn’t look confidence in its authenticity either.

I absolutely understand what you are concerned about. Divers, real actual scuba divers, have their visual spectrum so screwed up by water absorption with increasing depth that color rendering is not a high priority. Simply being able to see in the dark is what counts.
In tropical areas, with relative clear water, the criteria is significantly different from low visibility areas, like where I live.
(Note - photographers are a totally separate topic of discussion. CRI for them is not trivial.)

What we DO care about, a LOT, is the damn thing does NOT LEAK. THAT is the #1 priority. Everything after that is negotiable, not trivial, but if you light floods > it’s garbage.

It's just a magnet and a spring-loaded button. Sensor inside the body.

I know that sea water destroys magnets, but my button is still intact.

There were no leaks.

I bought D01 in 2016. )))

Unless they changed the spring, that will be eaten away.

Diving flashlights in Sofirn Official Store on AliExpress

Wurkkos DL30 3xLH351D 5000K 90CRI 21700

$ 39,84
code: HX89E4YGOABI
Wurkkos DL40 4xLH351D 5000Lm 90CRI 2*26650

$ 45,25
code: HX89E4YGOABI
Sofirn SD05 XHP50.2 6500K 2550Lm 21700

$ 24,83
DF10 1*LH351D 1080lm 18650

$ 22,49
SMACO 2-in-1 600W Electric Underwater Propeller Water Dual Speed Booster

$ 599,99

DCCMS DS-810 8pcs/set 1L Portable Diving Scuba Tank Divers Spare Oxygen

$ 256.99

2x0.5L DEDEPU Scuba Diving Mini Air Cylinder Set

$ 245,99

SMACO Scuba Diving Reserve Oxygen Cylinder 0.5L

$ 179,99

code: 7bcdf9