DIY 18650 pill bottle Flaslight

Very ease to do in about 10 minutes or less and very inexpensive , my local drug store give the bottles for free and I already have the other parts. You can ease open the bottle to change the battery. The 18650 fits perfect in the bottle with minimal modifications for connections . Going to ad external battery contact to charge the battery without taking out. You can also connect two bottles to put two 18650 in series etc.
Thanks for reading

Ha, that is the true DIY spirit! :partying_face:
Quality flashlights are so cheap nowadays that not many take the trouble to McGiver something like this together anymore. But I bet that this is even cheaper than the cheapest 18650 flashlight on the market!!
Well done.

And welcome to BLF!

Thanks, I appreciated your comment.

Nice mod/build ejscfp. That is a real budget light. :beer:

:slight_smile: :+1: