DIY Dive Light...aka it's gonna be messy

Stumbled across this…makes alot of sense since liquid is very very hard to compress

sealed 18650, w/ external charging port??

Interesting if you are doing it as a side project for fun, but I wouldn’t trust it on a night dive for sure. If money is an issue, I dive with a Thorfire TD26 thats been reviewed a few times on this forum and CPF. It’s currently only $40 on amazon.

interesting idea indeed. I’m sure the oil around the LED will decrease output significantly though.

Somebody give it a shot with an EE X2R; it’d be less than $15 all in. I would fill the pill with silicone to close off the microusb port from the inside, then separately fill both the head and battery tube with the oil.

Very effective way of pressure proofing devices, people have being doing it on watches also, not only does it improve readability under water (would be interesting to see how it affects a flashlight beam) but you could probably sned one to the bottom of the Mariana trench, there is a hydro modded g-shock tested at 500bar pressure on youtube.

I googled “mineral oil flashlight” and the first result was a thread on CPF from back in 2010 (so clearly not a new idea) but CPF appears to be down right now.

A user in a dive forum posted this which seems valid. I’m not sure how you would screw a light back together if the oil can not compress at all?

Im not a diver, so correct me if I’m mistaken, I would have thought a dedicated dive light with double O rings everywhere and a magnetic switch would be good down to maximum depth you would physically want to dive to?

Yea that’s correct thus all the current dive lights available. I think the OP is just interested in other ways/techniques in making a light dive proof.

Ah, I see. Could one not just put the light in a strong ziplock bag?

When diving, your light is usually tethered to your gear via gearkeeper and the constant bumping and grinding with said gear in the water (or when getting geared up) will most likely tear such bag. When diving, it’s incredibly important that all of your gear is reliable and rugged to handle the abuse so it’ll work when it needs to.