DIY Driver Nanjg Style/AMC7135 using Z8F082A MCU

The ramping is a nice addition. Might be going a little too fast to pick a level, especially on the lower end. The lowest low looks nice too.

Thanks Relic!
Currently my Group 3 is Lo > Ramping Up and Down (continuous).
I plan to add Group 4 which is ML-L——up—–100% with memory save after 2 secs.
Like within 1 sec tap to ramp up and if no tap after 2secs save mode/level. Change Group at L.

Would appreciate suggestion/recommendation for the behavior. How many levels?
Is it ML—up—> 100% —down—>ML
or ML—up—> 100ML—up>100


I prefer the latter cycle, myself. The difference is minor, but it’s a better cycle for me.

Group 4 done!
Delay is to tap within 1.5 Sec to ramp and save mode if no tap by 3Sec.

PPtk, any recommendation I can order for small volume to try the first build?

Thanks! :beer:

Submitted your design but have not finalized the order yet. Do they deliver the boards round or square?


Easy to place an order! Reasonable price and free shipping.

Thanks PPtk!

Round. They route them to the board outline, which in this case is 17mm (actually just a hair less) round.

Yep, OSHPARK is great for a few prototypes of boards…

You’re welcome!

blimey, that’s really not that much money. Looking forward to the end results and props to PilotPTK for the help :slight_smile:

Using the circuit described above and while waiting for the PCB, I have converted
one Nanjg 105C:

- remove Atmel

- solder pins that do not have any conflict with existing circuit

- wire needed connections

- replace cap with 1uF

- added two resistors

- program single group: Moonlight> Low> Medium> High>Beacon>Police Blinker > Strobe

- Assemble to a 501B Sunsky Host

  • Test

14 days from placement of order.

Problem is I forgot to order the diodes in advance! Saw U.S seller from eBay. Order placed. I will try the same diode in different packaging to test the PCB fab.

Tested and working as designed! Thanks to PPtk! I’ll build a sample for you to try. I really didn’t plan to use the test contact points but was available and tried it. Unfortunately I can’t place one for Vcc as it is very near the diode. I used a wire instead.

Plan is to have a similar setup on ZY-T08 with the 4 programming lines available on the body using a 4-pin stereo jack!

Looks great. Good job. Not bad for hand soldering either!

Glad it worked. That was a lot of 'stuff' to cram on a 17mm circuit board :)

Great work Tivo and PPtk! Nice looking board.


Received the two zilog boards you sent me. Thanks! I look forward to playing with them.

Are the zilog's already programmed?


Yes PPtk.

Two groups:
Group1: ML > LO > ME > MH > HI
Group2: LO > BL > PO > ST > PU (Low, Blinker, Police, Strobe and Pulse).

Change mode on LO. I have placed another 12pcs of PCB from OSH Park ($9 shipped!) last night. :beer:

Default with no pins grounded, change group(1-5) by a short tap after 1.2s on designated mode(RED text).
Change mode is within 1.2s
To select a fix group, ground the pin/s as shown on the table/right columns.