DIY MRV host at MF

make your own TF F15 with this host

Not bad as long as you already have the emitter and driver. If you don't then it's not really a good buy. Great host though!

I just hope no one takes Manafont's recommendations on what pills will work with this because none of them will. This light does not take drop-ins and they list 3 or 4 of them that they claim work with it but they won't.

+1 on this host. Looks nice. Wish Manafont would offer this as a 26650 host only. I don't need all the other stuff (battery, charger, emitter) that comes with it. If it was offered for <40$, I would grab it.

Im not seeing that brass pill holder ring but it might be attached to that heatsink. I swapped the driver on my F15 for the UF 3mode from MF so mine is a 3mode with no blink.

Nice! Does this take a 17mm driver?

Interesting the description says it will take a p60 drop in. I didnt think these took the same brass pill as a P60 but maybe this one is milled and threaded so you just remove the p60 reflector assembly and screw it into the heat sink?

Does it take P60 drop-ins without reflector, like Trustfire TF-R2 or not?

My friend converted my MRV light from XR-E to XM-L and swapped in a new driver. I really like it but it cost almost $20 to modify. It has a 3 mode driver for high, med, low which I really like. No more blinking modes.

It should, yes. My F15 does and it’s identical.

I just measured my driver and it is 17mm.

Based on the F15 (exact clone) and the following pic from Manafont of a Q5 version I'm going to tell you "no". While technically I've never taken mine apart to find out absolutely, there are others on BLF who have replaced the driver and had the pill out and not one of them commented that a P60 pill would swap in. It is a unique size pill as you can see in this picture:

If there is no pill in the light, then there is really no point. Pills seem pretty unique to each light. The Manafont picture doesn't show a pill, so I'm assuming the worst.

Thanks for the info on the 17mm driver. Sounds like if a pill is included, I would be okay. I have a driver and neutral XM-L looking for a home.

Maybe ask the seller if it comes with the pill. It would be completely useless without one.

has anyone tried putting a p60 in a MRV / F15 ??

it would be nice if this host is actually p60 compatible like the product description says.

heres the pic of my f15 when i had it apart

the aluminum disc with 5 holes and the led goes on top and the brass driver/holder snaps in from the bottom. the heatsink has a plate covering the led side which the disc and led sits on. im assuming that the HOST IN THE OP is bored through so maybe a p60 will fit on it. not really sure though.

I just checked. The P60 is far to small and short and will not fit.

First a hello from Germay :-)

Manafont added some pictures showing a pill that threads into the body so nothing to worry about this host. As I already have some XM-Ls laying around and also 8x7135 drivers I ordered one: time to built another monster :-)

Ordered. Thanks for the update and welcome to BLF joerch! The description now says "just add a LED and driver". So they must have figured it out.

Got mine today. No writing of any kind on the body. A couple of dings on the tail and it's missing the GITD o-ring on the front (the back end has a black o-ring which seems undersized). But otherwise as shown in the pictures. Smooth reflector. I'll put a neutral XM-L and 2.8A driver in it this weekend I hope. These things are always a little smaller than they look, but someone said the reflector is the same as the C8's, so it should be a good little thrower.