DIY Reef Aquarium Fixture

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Hey all, this is one of my first posts so go easy on me. I’m in the process of planning my first LED fixture build. This is being designed to be overpowered for my needs and highly controllable. I’m planning on using an Arduino Uno & PWM hat to be able to program each channel individually.

I originally planned on using a mix of Luxeon C, Luxeon Rebel, and LedEngin LZ1/LZ4 chips. I’ve since discovered the Luxeon Rubix line, and on paper the numbers look much better than the Rebel. I’m wondering if anyone on here can give me some insight as to which chips would better suit my needs (high output). I find it odd that the Rubix line is cheaper than the Rebels.

I’m also struggling to find how many watts each Luxeon Rubix are, I don’t see that info listed anywhere on the datasheets.

Any help is greatly appreciated, I’ve got a mouser cart ordered and just need to iron out Wattage for a power supply.

Thanks in advance!

Not the foggiest, but I’ll chime in if I got anything to contribute.

Hi Harry, welcome!
Although we are knowledgable about leds over here, I have the impression that for reef lighting people from the several reef forums are much more knowledgable. And there is more of them than there are flashlight nerds, I fear. A quick scan gets me here for example:

No idea if that is the best place to be, there may be many more corners of the internet about.

And there is:

Why the Rubix and not a more standard 3535 LED where finding fitting optics is a piece of cake?
Osram Oslon or Cree XP-G for example.

The Rubix are 10W LEDs except the red one, that is 5.5W.
But with that tiny package, I would only drive them with 10W if I would have copper unterneath them to get rid of the heat.

There are updates later in which he is building somewhat of a “reef”