DIY triple nichia 219/BLF17DD

They decided to have a snow storm here in Maine today which was fine by me as I had an indoor project to keep me busy. This project came with the added benefit of keeping keeping me near the wood stove and to a fridge with eggnog in it. The concept of a p60 triple made out of a copper plumbing bushing is not a new one so I'll not describe the process in depth. I will provide photos because we all like to look at photos.

I did alter the design a bit by gluing a chunk of aluminum rod inside the bushing.

The triple nichia 219 is driven by a 3 mode BLF17DD driver. I chose a DD driver because I wanted to see how Kaidomain's the new nichia 219 4500k with lower forward voltage(as demonstrated by Djozz) performed in a 3 up single cell configuration.

I reflowed emitters from a KD triple star onto a noctigon, fastened it to the pill with thermal adhesive, and stuck it into a solarforce/surefire mutt.

This drop in draws 9.8 amps off a sanyo W2 tool pack pull giving over 1500 OTF lumens going by the work by Djozz. And the tint's pretty nice as well. Enjoy the storm East Coast.


I don’t know what you guys got in terms of snow, but around Hartford, we got only about 4 inches or less.

Nice creation, it looks nice, and it sounds like it works just fine, which is always a plus.

Thanks for sharing. I love the driver adaptor you used as well. I hope you get snowed in a lot.

Nice mod, someday I will attempt something like that.

We lost power for a couple of hours here.

My wife wrapped Christmas presents by the light of a ceiling bounce from a SRK.

God help us if pex completely replaces copper for plumbing.

Nice build! One of these days these good build threads will inspire me to get off my butt and build some triples.

Why thermal adhesive after all that soldering? Were you concerned about the fragile Nichia domes maybe?

A drop in drawing 9.8A Wow!!!

Very nice build…

1500lm sounds like a winner, good stuff thanks for sharing.

Nice! I have the same triple-219B-on-Noctigon but with a 12x7135 driver and resistances not optimised, with 850 OTF lumens, but it is nice to see the full potential of these emitters. Gotta love 1500 lumens in 90+CRI ! :-)

Thanks for the kind comments folks. For those asking we got about a foot of snow here and plenty of power outages to go with it. Is it wrong of me to be a bit jealous of those with no power?

I will probably go back and solder the noctigon to the pill when I get some low temp solder paste. I made the pill and triple board with 60/40 and I wasn't sure I could connect the two without FUBARing the whole shebang.


If you to that then wrap the pill and mcpcb with some soda can and wire. It will prevent it from wandering off center and the solder won’t stick to the aluminum.