Do you change your own motor oil

I never once paid to change my own oil for this reason.

That aggravates the hell out of me – You’re buying a set of tires or something and they come up with all these problems --I’m like why the F did you open my hood in the first place

I recently had a warranty claim on some tires ( 3yrs old 22000 miles / Heat Cracks ) They gave me a great Credit for my old tires, but tried to say all they had in stock was expensive Michelins – I said nah order me these – They called me about two hrs later saying – Oh they just got here, came a day early ( Total BS )

I learned something that episode – Always check your tires Date – A tire is only has a Manufacturer Warranty of 4 yrs from that date ( 2 were 1 1/2 yrs old when I purchased/ I guess the 2 they had in stock at the time) — Luckily I had bought the road hazard warranty

I buy my tires from Costco because they come with a 5 year warranty and since they don’t work on commission I figure they’re not out to rip me off or try to up-sell me on more expensive tires.

However I question how mechanically adept they are. I had a tire patched there recently and they wouldn’t rotate the tires because they said that I had “suspension issues” based upon noises they heard when positioning the car. All it was was my toolbox rattling in the trunk :roll_eyes:

Oh well, sometimes you have to take the bad with the good.

That’s why I always linger around and watch.

I hate just “dropping it off” and coming back hours later. I’ll always just drive up, “Got time for a quick oil change?”, and see what they say. I’m willing to wait a while 'til a bay’s free if not hours away, but if not, will go back a few days alter. Rinse, repeat.

That’s a smart thing to do. Do most shops refill from a big overhead drum (saw some shops with that) or from individual bottles? In either case one has to take on faith that what’s in them is the real deal :thinking:

I told one of my kids to try and find a place where she could give them the oil and filter and just have them do the labor part. Don’t know if she did that or even try but it seems to me that all the shop can do then is mess up the labor. As in stripping the oil plug, over/under tightening the filter, etc :roll_eyes:

In my experience if their business involves any significant volume of oil changes it’s bulk fluids pumped from a central reservoir.

So let me ask you, how do you know if the oil in that central reservoir is not old filtered oil with an additive added to bring it up to spec? The way I look at it, unless you see them opening the Valvoline container, its really a shot in the dark as to what you are getting.

Sad but true.

Yeap it’s all based on faith. I’m of the opinion that it’s better to pay more for service of any kind if the people one is dealing with has a history of being reputable, honest, etc.

Businesses have to make a profit to stay around and I don’t begrudge them that. The hard part is finding the ones that are honest and reliable.

I’ve never seen the overhead-drum thing before. At the 2 shops I go to for whatever, they have cases of 1qt bottles stacked high, dino vs synth, various weights, etc.

I’ve literally never seen that, not even at Pep Boyz kinds of shop or nuttin’.

That would scare the shiite out of me as to what’s in there…

Jiffy Tube does it.

There are unknowns everywhere. How do you know the new half shaft and bearings you’re getting are the real deal? That they pack it with the recommended grease? That they’re using an OEM-spec fuel filter? Etc etc etc.

Seems to be standard issue at dealerships and express service places. Less so shops that focus on serious repair where oil changes aren’t a prime money-maker and turnaround time isn’t as important.

Agree but I cant change my shaft and bearings but I can change my own oil.

Changing the oil and doing brake jobs have to be some of easiest things people can do on their cars (ignoring stuff like batteries, wiper blades, etc). They also have the biggest payback and I would argue safety considerations as well. I’m slower than a shop doing a brake job but I double/triple check everything and get to choose the parts I’m installing.

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Completely agree.

Speaking of brakes, my friend turned me onto the fact that Amazon has killer deals on brake rotors and pads.
Just got Delco rotors for a 2006 T&C mini van for only $22 each with of course free prime shipping.
Pads were $23 and were what I wanted (semi metallics) as can’t stand the ceramic ones that chew rotors for breakfast.
Delco makes rotors for quite a few applications other that GM which is cool.
Same rotors were like $48 from Jeg’s, everyone was higher than Amazon.

Bought plugs and wires there also within the last year and saved 1/2 compared to local auto parts stores. Gotta love it!

I swear by Rock Auto. I wont by anywhere else.

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Bought there before no complaints other that the web site being kind of wonky/primitive.
Same rotor here at Rockauto = $37.89 each.

I’ve been changing my own oil since I got my drivers license at 16 years old. I buy oil and filters direct from Amsoil, Signature Series Synthetic oil and their brand of filters.

I always knew Amsoil was a quality product but I also saw they were a marketing monster that claimed they could prove they were the best.

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