Do you cringe when . . . .?

Do you cringe you read this thread ?

Let’s count the problems here :slight_smile:

Li-Ion in series for total newbs

Cells possibly not protected? No mention in ebay ad

Ignorance/No knowledge in dangers/care of Li-Ion

Ultrafire batteries

Cheap charger(may or may not be acceptable) with junk cells

Anything else?

Yes, the model seems to be missing a finger. Possibly from another shoot? :open_mouth:

There is also a choking hazard from the over sized lanyard. :bigsmile:

One of the cells is backwards in the charger!

but it zooms :wink: worth the risk….

i tried to post some information but the website is locked up, my “post quick reply” has taken over 20 minutes so i give up

I was ignorant enough to fall for that exact light charger battery combo for my first personal led purchase. The light itself is not bad, looks quite nice baked, but the batteries are junk and the charger is subpar to say the least.

Last I checked you can get the light itself for $10 cheaper than what I paid.

First chinese ad I’ve ever seen that tells the whole truth! They are showing exactly what could happen.

The infamous Ultrafire-18650-3000mA-exploded almost lost a finger.

There are a lot of people who don't understand the difference between CHEAP and VALUE.

I am continually amazed by discussions on some of the prep/survival boards where people who just spent $1,400 for a rifle and $600 for a scope, whine about spending $50 for a flashlight, and then tell you about the great six-pack of LED lights that they picked up from Harbor Freight for $8 (batteries included).

Some of my lights haven't been "cheap", but they all have been good values because I searched for the best price, and bought something that will last for decades. Every very cheap light I've bought died within a year. I have a TEKNA that is over 20 years old, and still works as well as the day I bought it.