Do you ever reach for a flashlight when you don't need one?

Well said buddy :smiley:
I always carry a good light and Leatherman Skeletool when I go out.

Everyday. Day or night, I bring one of the following: D4V2, DT8 or my Nitecore Tiki. My eyesight is not as good as when I was younger, so whenever there is some really fine print I take out my readers and a flashlight. A good light is also handy when trying to find something under your car seat that fell out of your pocket. I just received my Sofirn SC21Pro, once I get Anduril 2 installed, it may replace my Tiki in the rotation.

Ever been in one of those bathrooms with motion activated lights where the sensors are only at the entrance, not over the stalls and with a ridiculously short timer? Regardless of the time of day, I always have a TUP in my pocket and a Tini 2 on my keychain. Before that it was some form of 14500 with a 10440 plus a photon clone on the keychain. You never know for sure if you’re going to be home before dark or get stuck in a pitch black situation. I prefer not to rely on just a phone with a short reach and questionable battery life that I might prefer to save for calling in help.


Maybe when it's daytime and you're outside in broad daylight?

That said, I usually reach for a flashlight when I don't think I need one when it's close to dawn or dusk, and I'm not aware that the sun is slightly up.

Always trying to find an excuse for it :innocent:
What’s worse than not having one around when you really need one?

Fidget spinners used to be a thing. Sometimes I open and close a knife, sometimes I play with one of my flashlights. Who’s to say what is needed?

My flashlights ARE fidget spinners

well no but i have the phone usually with me and it has a weak led light in case of emergency :smiley:

sometimes i will check to see if it is in the pocket ie did not fall out, or me leave it somewhere

or i will go in a dark room and use flashlight instead of trying to remember [or don;t know] where the wall switch is, or i want to see really fast when i get in there

As a few others said. I never go anywhere without a leatherman and a flashlight. Day or night.

Wallet, keys and a pistol of some variety as well.

I try and forget my phone as often as possible. People keep calling me on it.

Of course.

Why would I click the light switch on the wall when I can use my EDC light? :stuck_out_tongue: :disappointed: :laughing:

Couldn’t agree more, hence my signature. :smiley:

Oh you bet. Probably more times than when I actually need a light, which on a regular day is twice or thrice.

What can I say, they’re nice to hold and fun to fiddle with. And kids need their toys! :smiley:

I keep the house dark enough that using a flashlight is never out of place.

But I’ve never been accused of being normal.

<If it makes you feel any better, I dislike almost all sitcoms now.

I do like late night talk shows that are funny and movies that are funny, but I haven’t been a fan of most sitcoms for a long time.

I think most of the sitcoms that I like are cartoons made for adults.>


Ha. I didn’t like sitcoms as a kid. Never thought much about why. Still can’t watch them. Pink Panther and Roadrunner? Still a riot…

I always grab a flashlight leaving. Maybe she dropped a credit card in the car and can’t find it, or I lose something findable with some light help. Is that a cruise missile under my truck? Flashlights during the day are okay.

I’ve caught that “disease” too :smiley:

One reason for BLF is you can come here and realize other people are much more screwed up than you .
Best part of having a good light on you is when someone else needs a light .


As a long-term torch user (maybe 34 years or so) from age 8, I am the only person I know who is in to them - and knives aswell. I’m probably deemed a dork or whatever for my hobbies, but that turns around real fast when someone is in need of either, urgently.
I have been asked a few times why I carry a knife everywhere I go, and my only reply is “why not?”. That usually ends the questioning.

All the time, my friend!