Do you have any favourite out of production lights?

I was comparing a new light i just got from a giveaway to my other AA lights and realized that i can’t replace them. So that gave me the idea for this thread.

The new one is defective, i think its the switch but i am working on that behind the scenes and will report about it later.

In my case the Romisen RC-G2 from Shiningbeam is my favourite AA light. I liked the 4AA Starry light but the threads wore out.

My favourite discontinued 18650 light is my Xtar Moon RC2.
I don’t have any favourite discontinued 21700 or 26650 lights.

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I’m not sure about favorite, but I’ve always wanted a zebralight 6330

I wish i could afford some Zebralights, though the ones i wanted at the time may no longer be made, i have not checked their lineup in years.

Most definitely. I have many out of production lights that I like very much, but if I had to pick just one, I’d definitely go with the Noctigon M43 (Stone White, 219C 5000K).

Feel free to tell us all of your favourites.

Beauty! What a pity it’s out of production.

Agreed, looks real cool.

I don’t think it’s totally discontinued, but I’d like to see the BLF D80v2 with an SFT40 or an XHP70.3 HI emitter.
Maybe the XHP70.3 HI emitter would produce too much heat?

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Eagle Eye X6


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Noctigon M43 xp DD

RC, the heat is about total watts… the SFT40 peaks at 11A and thus, at it’s best output it’s pretty “hot” for smaller lights. Tone it down to control heat and you might as well use an XP-L HI. Just sayin…

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Okay, I guess I’ll stick to lights with larger heads to handle the heat better. :+1:

I like my old Trustfire F-15 .
Johnny Mac made me a custom four mode driver for it back in the day .

It has a really nice beam profile , the reflector is as wide as a C8 , but about 2/3 the depth , which makes the spill very bright .

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I like my TN4A even though it is rarely used. Nice to have a AA light with this kind of output, throw, and decent moonlight. Very good at sustained lumen due to the mass

The Jetbeam PA40 is my favorite OOP light. I have two, they both work great.

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BTU Shocker was impressive.
As was the Black Shadow Terminator.
The Intimidator was doomed by a proprietary battery back.
Courri D01 (Fathead) was also nice. (Spelling may well be wrong, it was just The Fathead for years, took forever to learn a name and model number)

2011 Jetbeam Rotaries are my grail lights.

The dreaming:

sw45k and dedomed 519a:

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With a spelling error, the newsletter incorrectly spells “favourite” as “favorite” :upside_down_face:

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I sold mine in 2021 in my light sale.
I think it went the fastest.

It was interesting that Fasttech had many older lights that fell out of favour but with a few still in stock, if i had known they were shutting down i might have looked through them for anything i wanted to grab.

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Like the TN4A, I really like my Nitecore EA4. If I only could have one, that might be it.