Do you have junkbox of flashlights?

If so, what’s in it and what do you plan on doing with all the random stuff? I can’t seem to just toss an old or broken light so I always keep them. Mostly just have keychain lights and things like old Maglight 2AA lights in it.

yeah mainly dollar store junk lights that I never use anyways. Nothing in it is worth more than $1. Theyre in a zip lock bag at work. I’ll give them out to co workers whenever they need a flashlight.

Yes, this is most of my lights I don’t use often minus 4 or 5 C and D cell mag lights in the laundry room.

Poor Sipik 68. That deserves at least a place in a glovebox or kitchen drawer. It is a good all round light for when you don’t know if you will need spot or throw.

I think I have enough spare part in my junk box to build a robot and a spaceship.

I don’t have a problem with throwing stuff like that away :slight_smile:

I’ll strip some for parts first and others I just toss.

Don’t do it, it will probably turn on humans and try to enslave us.

I usually wreck my stuff so hard there's no point in keeping it. Besides from aluminium parts, those will be recycled.

Don’t worry, the sipik will still see plenty of use, it used to be/is one of my EDCs but I just got a L2m clone and stuck it in there so I wouldn’t lose it. my flashlight/junk drawer is in a three shelf storage box with most of my EDC stuff organized in it.

8) Don’t have junkbox of flashlights, but have specific place to store and can not mess heap.