"Do you know why I want a cup of tea?"

"If I want to be toned up, calmed down, invigorated or anything then it’s very simple:

I just have a cup of tea."

That quote is from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy radio series.

Anyway, it turns out that I really like tea.

Yes, dried leaves in water.

Yes, that makes me an ignorant monkey who doesn’t know better.


My favorite tea is made by Good Earth.


It has a very strong cinnamon flavor that I just love.

What tea do you like?

Coffee tea :smiley:

I bought an electric kettle to brew my own tea, and I'm not even from the British Isles!

I like rooibos tea.

What no Crumpets? :person_facepalming: Pip Pip Cheerio! :smiley:

Lipton Herbal infusion, apple & cinnamon for the last couple of weeks. I switch flavors every few weeks but I usually drink one or two cups with honey every day.

Wow, I thought you guys only drink coffee! Have you ever tried any Chinese tea? Do you use a set tools to make tea?

That sounds really good.

If I see it reasonably priced at a brick & mortar, I'll pick some up.

My favourite tea is Yunnan Orange Pekoe (a strong flavoured black tea), I have a big jar of it at home and every now and then make a pot of tea that I enjoy very much. (but mostly I drink coffee :innocent: )

It’s among the best flavors I tried, smells great too

I had tried Chinese tea a few years ago but I don’t remember how I liked it. Good idea, though, I will search for it and try it again.

We have electric kettles to boil water. Mostly we use tea bags in a mug. For special occasions we use loose tea in a teapot.

My wife Debbie brought back tea when she visited Hangzhou China 10 years ago.

My favourite was special dragon well.

I also really like Ba Bao Cha. I pick out the sugar. It was too sweet otherwise.

Hard to find them here in the UK

I like English breakfast, three pots/six cups a day. Loose leaf only, never bags!

I also like a variety of herbal infusions, especially camomile. I don’t mind them from bags.

I too like rooibos, for the evening because it has no caffeine. I like to add fresh grated ginger.

I also like green teas, mostly sencha (chinese or japanese), or prestige green tea (sri-lanka).
From china : blue tea like oolong qilan (semi-fermented), pu-erh tea. And sometimes bai mudan white tea.
No sugar, no milk.

Definitely my favorite kind of tea! :wink: But actually, did you know there is a tea made from the berries of the coffee plant? The part we make “coffee” from is the pit of the fruit, and the fruit itself is also made into tea. I’ve never had it, but I’d like to try it some day.

Other than that, my favorite tea right now is SleepyTime made by Celestial Seasonings. It has chamomile and spearmint in it and is supposed to relax and calm. I also like just chamomile, and any one of the Zinger teas made by Celestial Seasonings as well. My wife particularly enjoys peppermint tea or lemon ginger. We also like chai tea.

Black cherry flavor ceylon black

Earl Grey

Bog standard tea bags. Usually Tetley. Just brewed in the mug. I like my tea strong, but quite milky. I only use whole milk.

There used to be a great advert on UK TV. “Tea, best drink of the day”

Yorkshire Tea, in a pint mug. If its good enough for Guy Martin, its good enough for me.

Green tea with rice flavor is really nice.