Do you prefer the charger display to display all the parameters of one slot or the data of multiple slots at the same time?

The display content of a charger display LCD is limited

Most charger displays display data from multiple slots, but few parameters

Similar to the s4+ charger, it only displays the data of one slot, but there is too many data,E.g. temperature, voltage, MAH, wh, time, percentage, mode, internal resistance. You need to view the battery data of other slots and keep pressing the display button

So as a consumer, which display do you prefer?

I prefer a lot of parameters, so more like the Vapcell s4+.

But both are also possible, when loading a small overview with V and mAh per slot. And when a slot is selected more data displays across the entire display.
The MC3000 does this in a similar way, so inexperienced users see little data and are not overwhelmed. And experienced users can view more if they are interested.

I think a lot of parameters per each slot + summary for all slots is a good one. I think S4+ did a good job. In S4+ summary is displayed at the top and the detailed information is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

However, there are a couple of things that can be improved in S4+ in my opinion.

First, I would display mAh and mA figures in one screen instead of alternating the display of the two figures. I think mAh and mA are very important pieces of information and they should be available in one screen and should be checked at a glance.

Second, I think the battery gauge takes too much vertical space. I would shorten it or rotate it 90 degrees. I am not sure battery type should be displayed in the summary section. I would use the saved up screen space to display more information. Enlarge more important figures and make less important figures smaller.

Third, battery channel selection method should be more intuitive. I think four buttons one for each channel is ideal. Also, the display should clearly show which channel is selected. The current S4+ only shows small text and I think it is not clear enough. How about showing a border around the battery gauge for the selected channel?

As all information, I prefer it easy accessed and readable.
Depends on the size of the display and the user interface. I want to be able to easily access all the information I want.
IMHO the best is configurable display where you can configure what info will be shown. If the display is too small and not enough buttons you may send this info to a smart phone app.

I prefer all cells at one time with a small bunch of parameters and a possibilty to switch all cells to the other parameters. I load often different cells in parallel

It´s IMHO better than switching every cell to see the status like loaded capacity

MC3000 can access a lot of data, even battery charging and discharging curves

This is for professional players

Thank you very much for your suggestion. It is expected that the display content of s4+ display will not change too much, but we will develop and absorb better suggestions in the new charger. MA and MAH are very important data, and we hope that the new charger can display independently

1234 slot makes a button alone, and a total of 4 buttons is feasible, that is, it will increase the cost of some buttons

If many consumers like it, we will improve it

Consider improving and highlight the important contents, and reduce other contents that are not the core

We need to develop Bluetooth mode and special apps, so the charger will be very expensive :open_mouth:

You could toggle with one button, either “slots” or “info”.

“Slots” would display info for all active slots, another button to toggle volts, current, time, capacity, etc.

“Info” would display all info for one slot, another button to cycle through each active slot.

Pretty simple.

Or combine to one button. Press’n’hold to toggle, press to cycle.

The S4+ display is good enough for me. I frequently check charging batteries, so spend a few minutes feeling for heat and looking at screens. But, if you incorporate any of these suggestions, I feel displaying the mA and mAh in one screen is the best.

Maybe I don’t quite understand what you mean

Is there a charger like this on the market? According to your intention

I prefer “display all the parameters of one slot” and the ability to press a button to cycle between slots like the S4+.

The percentage could be decreased in size.

I’d like to see larger numbers for the voltage, current, capacity, internal resistance and temperature and a dedicated area for each bit of data on the screen. I don’t really like waiting for the display to switch between current and capacity.

Not that I ever saw. That lets you do both “modes”, and without bunches of buttons.

I would prefer only essential data shown, voltage, and mah, and temp, the rest either normally unnecessary or redundant, i can pretty much see % based on voltage, true IR can only be read with a full cell, so showing instant Ir during charge is pointless imo, i would also limit temp reading, show only when it is abnormal, of course very detailed info could be in a hidden menu, but for simple charging only few parameters are really needed, imo.

Crazy, sometimes I think I´m the only one who charges more than one cell. To switch between the slots instead of showing one parameter for all cells (like Opus) oder auto switching (Skyrc) is a bit annoying for me.

Thank you very much for your advice

We will improve the display of MA and MAH,It seems that many users complain about this :cry:

Some consumers like to see the capacity percentage

Thanks,This is a concise, effective and practical display

If only a few battery parameters are displayed, we can set the data display of multiple slots at the same time

There are messages on it, and there are many kinds of data that users like in one slot

Clearly prefer parameters for all slots, similar to what alpg88 wrote.

mAh, V, Task (Charge, Discharge,…) are the most important parameters for me.

Further parameters like IR, Time, mA (current), would be nice to see, but only after I press a button.

Or, like JohnnyBravo wrote, auto switching between the different parameters.

But I prefer the first one, all cells with the most important values.