Do you read only specific forum categories, or 'scan the whole site at once'?

You can see the archived poll results on the Wayback Machine:

i was thinking about this, reading the ‘bidet’ [ew] topic

i look at the whole site at once, all the new topics in all categories

i usually forget that there are subcategories, i never just go to ‘AAA lights’ for instance

because you never know where someone will [mis]post something you might be interested in

then - what did i do to deserve this …

Most often just see what’s going on with “Recent posts”.

Sometimes I’ll delve into AAA lights or Chargers section.

Rarely, on my phone, I’ll scroll to the bottom of “Recent Posts” and accidently click “last>>” instead of “next”.

The posts back there are c.12 years old, I’d actually considered starting a thread called “This week, on BLF, 10 years ago” to find the most interesting threads from this time 10 years back, but I’m not sure I have the spare time to commit to it properly.

not a bad idea
no one would know if you didn;t do a super thorough job


Nice idea! That should actually be pretty easy with the upcoming new BLF forum software. I was just playing around with a test instance, and it lets me filter posts with a before: date and also with a minimum of N number of posts. Also can include/exclude certain categories:

the challenge would be to find things that are still understandable today

ie there are dozens of light brands that have not existed in 10 years - no one would ‘get it’

and another challenge, find stuff that is also interesting today

or amusing

i just hit the recent to scan for interesting topics.

Just putting “Please Help” or “What would happen if?” in the title block is a useless

A descriptive title helps if you want folks to read and reply.

I just go to and look at unread posts that seem interesting to me. Then I mark all posts as read so that I don’t see them again.

Recent posts

recent posts

I look at some specific categories first, then proceed towards recent posts.

This is usual for me but from time to time I have some I follow and have subscribed to.

yes and no.
“box of chocolates” reference.

Recent posts but i have clicked on the last and ended near page 3000.