Do you use vitamins? Other health-related chatting also.

Well, I used to take my regular multi-vitamin and either magnesium or omega3 for every now and then.

About a year ago, I found an online dealer of these.

Since this is budget-oriented forum, I thought this would be the place people might be interested.

I have now been using omega3, magnesium, "tons" of vitamin-D, multi-vitamin and some other in testing.

I also changed my diet, got rid of very stubborn, constant sinus infections. Skin is better, I sleep well.

Thing is, I would be ~broke if I bought these here, I save at least 50%-80%.

I take Kirkland (Costco) Mature Multi Vitamins as well as Fish Oil Concentrate everyday. I've been doing this for years. I'm not sure if it has anything with to do with how I feel, but I do feel great, especially for my age (59)

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Anyways, I use co-enzyme Q10. I have terrible migraine problems and while it's not gotten rid of them completely, it's now 1-2 a week rather than 3-4.

Yep . A multi and fish oil , 54 grams of whey protein every day .

I use co-enzyme Q10. I have terrible migraine problems and while it's not gotten rid of them completely, it's now 1-2 a week rather than 3-4.

Well, I got about most of the help from Magnesium.

I worked at nightshift and I had these "feelings" at my heart, something to do with rhythm changes. I also got rid of MOST of those unpleasant feelings.

Year before changing my diet and starting supplements, I used to have flu and sinus infections for about 6-8 times a year at least.

Used some serious amounts of cash for medicines and private doctor visits, but they didn´t help. I figured like what the ... , I need to try something different.

I´m not sure but I have a strong clue, that food with grain might have something to do with this... I quit grains and cut down some carbohydrates + added green stuff to my plate more.

As for now, my diet is more expensive and supplements cost something but at least I´m far more healthier, don´t need medicines etc...

Don´t forget your vitamin D ;)

than you might wanna give riboflavine a try if you haven't already. it's cheap and it's said to kick migraines butt.

I have been using nutritional supplements for several years now and have gained a lot of experience with this stuff

and had some AHA! effects. My ex-girlfriends life quality had increased a lot when we "filled" her up with the right stuff

in the right dosage.

No more painkillers, better mood, more energy and so on.

You can do a lot wrong though....

I was quite sceptic at first with my quite high dosage of D, some other things also. I was thinking they might do something to my liver or such.

I took a larger blood test (I had a reference taken 5 years ago). All values went to better way, liver value also decreased from reference.

Measured also that D. Not overdose, a good amount in blood after 13x of recommended daily dose for over 5 months time.

This was at winter which explains a part of this, we don´t get any sunshine on our skins then :|

I take 4000 iu a day. since october last year. i was heavily deficient, maybe my whole life.

the low carb diet, i try to stay below 50gr. a day had the biggest impact on my health.

i got my liver punctured in the hospital a few years ago because my values were through the roof.

they thought it was hepatitis, asked me if i was an addict ;-) flashaholic maybe.

low carb did the trick. lost nearly 20kg fat within no time. no more acid reflux, which was one of my biggest problems at that time.

the irony, most people i tell think i'm crazy. happy to see others start to think for themselves.


I´m glad you´re better now, that sounds quite bad! I have heard some things about eating a lot of sugars and getting your liver in bad shape, maybe a lot easier that way than with alcohol? I lost also some 6kg after change but that was not so important for me...

I take just a "One A Day" every morning. They're not super expensive.

I am intrigued by this vitamin D high dose supplementation that you all are talking about on here.

I do. is my favorite source.

I consume daily at least 100g of protein from whey, some multivitamins, a few omega 3 caps and some glutamine (10-40g). I feel better at 35 now than i felt at 25.

Also a big fan of pulverized oatmeal since regular oatmeal tastes worse than wood sawmill byproduct.

I'm too lazy to take normal vitamins so I take children's chewable Flintstones or similar with extra C. I prefer the cheap (budget?) OneSource "Active Kids plus extra C" as it tastes better than the Flintstones vitamins do. I know these leave out some nutrients, but I try to eat a half-way healthy diet to pick up the others. An added benefit is these don't make me burp b-vitamin taste like One-A-Day does.


In my first post I linked a site, got marked as a spam and mistakenly thought I was doing something wrong and moderation has accepted my post as a spam.

Now, after making things clear to myself, it was not against the rules to link to a site.

So, the link is here:

I have been satisfied with somewhat low shipping (4$ to EU under 4lbs, 1814grams). Quite fast, takes usually 9 working days.

For 5$ discount code, PM me. I´m not going to put it here as I myself think, it is really spamming :)

I got the best savings ordering omega3 and D3, they cost ridiculously much more in here. For one years d3 you can get maybe one month or so from here, hardly even that :|

Yeah sawdust. I did not knew the word for that. :)

Still it's barely swallowable but i manage. I hate oatmeal but i "must" eat it it...

Mens One A Day


Fish Oil

I am not the type of person to take pills ( I was prescribed eleven medications ten years ago). Everyone is different but, I feel with some life and diet changes I have done more good than living on medications. Supplements really do fill in the blanks but one must be careful with them. I think people are not only more informed but are very aware of the way ones body functions and reacts.

One can only offer advice to another, but knowing your body and conditions is truly being self aware of ones health.

Oatmeal every morning, quick minute oats in the micro with water, butter, sugar and cinnamon. 4000 units of D, Fish oil, Zyflamend by New Chapter which has been like a miracle drug for my joints and a multi vitamin every other day.

Melatonin for sleep.

Imitrex for migraines, it's the only thing that works for me.

I'm 43, but I treated my body like an amusement park ride for the majority of my adult life and I feel every bit of 43.

Ever tried supplemetning with glucosamine for joint pain? Works wonder for many... I ordered several tubs for relatives and my postman who described it as a godsend.

I tried glucosamine and broke out with hives so I must be allergic to it.

Dang.. you sure it was glucosamine itself or other ingredients? I ordered many tubs of myprotein glucosamine HCL for mostly elderly people with great success. The price is excellent they get a whole year of supplementation for the price a local pharmacist would charge for a month supply. If it is the case i feel for you as this is as cheap as it can be and most of the time works better than expected.