Do you wash your lights?

I was doing some car work, and the light ended up with black grease so some dish soap and rinsing later its nice and clean now

I washed two of my tweezers and a clamp recently. Too much flux buildup made parts stick top them.

i washed a few before that got full of grease in the shop. ( wiped them off with hand-cleaner)

I regularly shower with my EDC’s. :8)

not sure if joking or making fun of OP :quest:

I'm a guy

I don't wash

if my lights got dirty mild dishwashing detergent might make sense ..But like I said I'm a guy so I'd use brake cleaner ,followed by some .carb cleaner .then some engine degreaser ....yep a little gogo hand cleaner to get rid of the more toxic chemicals and then some chrome polish ...followed by some serious sandblasting

Oh yeah cussing too.. there'd be lots of cussing.

What can I say ...I'm a guy..I don't wash

Did I say wire brush ??

You have to have a wire brush if you;re gonna mod lights

and Alcohol

Preferably something clear from Russia

and a wire brush

Did I say carb cleaner ??

I love that stuff ....

It's even got the word clean right in the name

I regularly walk along the beach at night and the salt air gets all over my lights, so I just full the sink and do a bit of underwater scrubbing to remove the corrosive salt off my babies.

Are you a guy, and do you wash?

You take long walks on the beach with your flashlights ?

Now thats what I call true love !

You know you're and addict when ........

You bathe with.

Take long walks with.

Stare longingly at.

Spend lots of money on them.

Talk about them at work .

Think about them all day long .

Can't wait to get home and

enjoy spending hours alone with.

You people disgust me


I’ve fully broken down and washed the empty head/tube/tailcap and threads of a few lights that were dirty dirty from the factory. A bit of lube on the threads after they dry and they’re perfect.

Other than that… Does a bubble bath count as washing? :wink:

I wasn’t joking or making fun of you, I promise! I guess you can make fun of me now, though… :slight_smile:

Your not the first one to mention regularly taking an edc light into the shower.

I use Isopropyl Alcohol to clean away sweat for the exterior body and thumb prints from lens.

I use blue dawn to clean my lights. Smells good

Are you sure your a guy, you mention it so often i’m starting to wonder if there is more going on there :stuck_out_tongue:

Not on purpose.

But my I3S EOS went through the washer last week. Still works. And it is clean.

My V11R went through the washer and most of the dryer cycle before the missus said “what’s that awful pounding noise?”

Whew! :bigsmile:

thats funny! :smiley:

I moisturise them, but I must be doing it wrong, they arnet getting any softer. That cant be it, must be the moisturiser.

i only submerge it to test the IPX claim on the light :smiley: