Does a light like BLF Q8 exist, but with red LED's?

Does a light like BLF Q8 exist, but with red LED’s?
Even if is was a mule that’d be okay too.

Does Hank make anything that fits the bill? The D18 can come with SST20 red LEDs, maybe that’s my best option, but it’s expensive…

Ideally I’d like something that ramps and has over 1000 lumen.

How much throw do you need? Maybe a D4S or even DT8 could work?

Throw isn’t important mate, even a mule would be okay but the floodier the better in this instance

edit: would prefer the longer runtimes of multi 18650 or 21700 as these LEDs aren’t very efficient

I want a red flooder too but I’m not sure about the D18’s driver. It’s pretty inefficient and only comes with Anduril 1, right?

Intrigued to know what you’re planning on using it for!

It is easy to email Hank and ask if he can make a “special”. He will either say no, or say yes and will name the price.

Why not use a red filter ? the upside is you can pick the one you like vs, the sofirn headlamp w/red that seems a weird slightly pinkish tint. Colors are imho very hard to get right

Honestly, I have no issues with Andruil 1, the main issue is kinda the price, I already own and love my D18 with XPL HI’s but didn’t want to fork out big bucks again for a red version

Mostly night photo’s and videos mate, nothing too interesting

Yeah but I was hoping for multicell lights, of which he doesn’t have many, and I already own a D18. I was just hoping there’d be a cheap option out there for a multi cell multi red LED light that I wasn’t aware of

Red LEDs have a way way lower forward-voltage, so any driver you use should be a “smarter” buck converter, and not a FET or linear.

That said, haven’t heard of any lights like that, unfortunately.

Bummer, I thought there’d be plenty of multi cell multi red led lights out there that I just havent heard of…even a mule would be fine for my application

Buy a Convoy 3X21A and mod it with the sbt90.2 red or ask Vinh to do it. :smiley:

here’s mine:

sounds good in theory but I’m after flood + cheap

Feel like making yer own?

Perfboard with 0.1” grid, assload of 5mm red LEDs, and go crazy.

The emitter part you can make as a huge flat panel. Slap it in some plexiglass as a frame, make it as watertight as you want, etc. Attach a mount so you can stick it on a tripod if you want.

Power supply can be bought as a module depending how you wire it up, and a holder for the cells finishes it up. Tie those to the tripod-legs.

Or make the whole thing one self-contained box.

Point is, you got lots of flexibility that way, and can tailor it to your own needs.

Yeah, being a non modder I was kinda hoping I could just be lazy and buy a cheap light with red leds, seems not possible in this case unfortunately

The panel is just soldering. No wiring, even, just literally bending down leads and tack-soldering them together. Easy as falling off a toilet.

Once you know the voltage of the panel (ie, how many in series in each string), you can buy a voltage converter and adjust it to the output you want.

Last is the battery pack. Premade.

Someone in the area who knows how to solder should be willing to do it, but you could do the panel yourself pretty easily.

5mm leds come in many colors. Here’s a piece of perf board with copper traces wired for 3 volts with a 17mm driver running a attiny13a mcu with crescendo ramping firmware. 3 or 4 *7135 regulators (I forget). Those are 1900K, 95+ CRI “white” leds from rngwn. Similar thing could be done with red.

Thanks for the ideas boys, I just don’t have the time or equipment to mod a light myself