Does anyone else land here if they browse to

Please navigate to

Do you end up with this or can you see the site?

I closed firefox and at a command prompt typed ipconfig /flushdns and restarted firefox, and i tried restarting the computer, but it still does not work, but if i use an online proxy it works fine

I tried your link using safari on an iPhone, and I went to

Eta: it gave me the site, not the error page.

no problem here.

If i put into the address bar it works fine, i am very confused

Call the help line, maybe you'll be tomorrow's featured story.

I can open the site just fine, and I’m glad I checked. Didn’t know this site, but bookmarked it.
Very funny, thanks for sharing!

glad you like it, they have 5 websites, my personal favourite is this one

Try changing your DNS server
I use this one.

It’s free

Is this wrong DNS coming from my ISP?
I just bookmarked the numerical one and its working fine