Does anyone have a TR-J20 yet?

I noticed this light in a couple threads a few weeks ago. Has anyone received it yet?

I want 4000+ OTF lumens and I was hoping this would be the perfect candidate after mods?

Hi Joe, I would have went for this if I didn’t already have the AK-90 12XM-L. It has a larger heatsink, but I’m also interested to see what’s inside.

i waiting too for one review , i want know how good or bad are the heat disipation inside and how many mm of alumininium it have under the leds

i dont have buy it yet because i dont like 3 batteries flaslight. why the hell it not have adapter for 2 batteries like the j19? with 3 batteries are too long |(

In stock form, 6A vs 4A at least (not calculating the losses) is quite the difference. Since nobody is going to buy it for the looks, they will mod it to 100W, that’s double the power and consequently double the current. 2 batteries won’t cut it anyways.

Flo, that is an interesting one. Not super long, but still a huge light. Gotta wonder about the heatsinking internals, will it be better than the AK90? I’m still wondering that about the J20 as well.

I will be getting this light next. I do have an extra hyperboost driver just sitting on my shelf! Im kinda wondering how fast I can get it from kaidomain though.


that shorty is pretty sick. but its prolly not as bright as the longer version

When I get that shorty 12xXML light, I should be able to turn up the hyperboost driver to 2.6A per die with (6) 18650 batteries. :open_mouth:

My current AK-90 is at 2A per die. But those are XML2 emitters also.


yup, this j20 and the kd shorty has been on my mind as of late.
so happy and looking foward to what you have to say about the kd shorty hyprmtr….in stock form and beast driver mode

I will be ordering in in a day or 2. I will pay for the DHL shipping maybe I will see it sooner than a month!


Mine just came today; stunned to see it fit in my mailbox!

I’m pleased with Fast-Tech’s shipping speed (Ordered on the 24th and Arrived Oct. 7th).

Didn’t have too much time to play with it; however, the following will be a brief preview and comparison.


Left to right: X100, TR-J20, TR-J12, BTU Shocker

Breaks apart in what looks like the middle of the heatsink.

Driver is retained by a large ring.

Driver removed.

The driver clearly reads TR-0231 and has 4 mosfets with the labels scratched off.

About 53mm in diameter.

Ceiling bounce test

  • All data is quite relative. All batteries are “mostly charged.”
  • The STL-V2 has a coated lens installed.
  • The BTU Shocker driver blew on me, so it’s in direct drive mode.
  • The X100 had all 4 batteries installed.

Trustfire TR-J12 119.00
Trustfire TR-J20 187.00
Trustfire X100 165.00
NiteCore TM11 106.00
Crelant 7G10 62.00
BlackShadow Terminator 137.00
BTU Shocker 109.00
SkyRay STL-V2 41.00
HD2010 35.00

Overall, the TR-J20 is the heaviest and best built of them all. Extremely thick aluminum. I am disappointed with the output considering the thermal dissipation this host must offer.

Let me know if you have any specific questions I can answer.

Higher lux than the Shocker and you're disappointed. What am I missing? That sounds like a good result to me.

The pill looks cavernous. Maybe big enough for 4 BTU Shocker drivers...

wow that J20 a beast. what it’s specs?

R12 slot is begging for a little resistor J)


how many mm of aluminum have this flashlight under the leds?

the surface are anodized like this?

or not anodized like this?

the heat transmission appears to be good for drive the leds at 120w some minutes ?

how many current draw without mod?

You should post more! Very helpful, thank you.

Nice light LEDMatt, I’m very tempted. I’d love to hear the answers to the questions asked above plus: did you use 32650s for the test or 26650s? Looks like the head diameter is getting closer to the shocker than the x100! How heavy is it? It almost looks like I’d have to be doing curls constantly on my 1-2hr hikes if I took that :slight_smile:

Solder in this resistor.

On the driver board here.

Charge up three of these.

Measure the tail cap current.

The TR-j20 has two banks of six leds are driven at about 18V. So with about 7amps split between two banks you get, after losses, about 3 amps per led. Don’t know if I would want to try for any more, but It’s quite bright, sorry I don’t have beam shots, I’m too busy now, will take some in future. Good Luck, please post your results.

Here’s some answers to the questions above

  • Tests done with 3x Trustfire 26650 cells
  • With freshly charged cells, I read 3.18A from the tail (no mods… yet)
  • This weighs 3.25LBs without cells
  • Thickness under LEDs as depicted above is about 5mm