Does anyone have one of these bags?

I really like the look of this bag from Manafont. Does anyone have one and feel like commenting on it? Would be great for packing some lights and supplies. Has anyone seen them elsewhere for less?

I don’t, but I agree, its a nice looking bag.

I have it almost a year now, from manafont, and it is an excellent little bag.

Quality is great, proves very durable and i use it as a secondary, mini toolbox.

Thats interesting to hear, I always thought that bags from Chinese sellers will most likely be cheap POS that costs much but will fail to live up to product descriptions.

Glad to see that Im wrong :slight_smile:

I was cautious at first but after i received the above bag from manafont, i ordered a similar one.

It is so nice that i use it as background to shoot my flashlights :slight_smile:


I have a similar one from ebay that I used as a camera bag.
It was OK, I retired it for a larger bag.

Be aware that the Manafont one is probably much smaller than it looks.
Good price.

Looks like a fairly nice bag, I know I have seen that design in a name brand bag before but I'm not sure where.

I bought one ages ago. Its a good bag for the price and holds quite a bit.

It looks a lot like my Maxpedition remora.

That's it! I knew I had seen it before. :) In that case I would recommend the Manafont version just because of my hate of Maxped.

if you like those bags, can i suggest looking at the UTC series of bags from amazon or similar? I have the UTC bag thats the “copy” of the maxped versapack, and its great. Surprisingly roomy, a bit of molle here and there, ad very comfortable to carry, assuming you don’t want to run anywhere.

Admitedly this has now been moved to a grab bag in the corner of my wardrobe, and my daily bag is a maxped lunada, with a few other packs strapped to it.



Yes, but Maxpedition Fatty, mini and micro are second to none!! Masterpieces, that nobody has dared to copy so far :slight_smile:

Maxpedition has some nice designs and gear but I personally refuse to buy from them due to how they acted on EDCF and their mislabeling of the "Tritium Keychain".