Does anyone here own either of these flashlights?

Does anyone here own either of these flashlights, if so are they descent lights? One or both of these may be my next lights.
Im especially partial to getting this one cause its like a c8 but with side switch and usb output.

Instead of that second one you should order a C8 at Simon.
Lower price
More choises in tint
More choices in modes
High quality

About the same form format.
Oh OK you want some features of it, well nvm then

There was a group buy a while back on the sf-349 ($13.50). Seemed like an okay flashlight from posts of recipients.

I own that singfire light…brightness and quality is good for the price. with the powerbank function it only makes sense if you use high capacity cells.

Thank you for letting me know. main reason im buying it is for the powerbank function and the fact its got a battery level indication.