Does Mag LED Reflector Fit C Size Mag? - UPDATED - It Does Fit (New Maglite)

Can anyone tell me if a Mag LED Reflector fits into a C sized Maglite? Apparently Maglite has only made the LED versions in D size, but I'm considering using a 3C instead of cramming 3 C cells into a 2D.

Anyone know? Can anyone verify?


P.S. Had a heck of a time finding where to buy them. Seems zbattery just got them in stock! $2.50/each.


Nobody knows?

I'm sure it fits, but you'll have to cut off the cam for whatever you plan is. The cam only works with the bulb tower of a LED mag.

(note: there's actually more room inside of a C head than a D head - found that out when I went to put the drop-in from a TR-1200 into a 2D and realized it wasn't going to work without major mods.)

Yeah, I plan to cut the cam off. I understand the inner diameter of the LED reflector is a bit narrower than the regular reflector - know anything about that? Think I need an emitter on a 12mm (?) board?

I'm looking at using an LED reflector because it goes deeper and I think I'll need that. It should also give me a bit more throw. I've chosen the C body because I think I have a cheap easy heatsink option for it.


The opening is smaller. The incan reflectors are ~16mm and 12mm sounds about right for the “Rebel” reflector. I’m not entirely sure it matters though. You may not need to get the LED that far in the reflector. If you cut the cam off right up to the bottom of the reflector, the PCB size might be irrelevant. Just a thought.

What kind of heatsink will you be using?
Still having a 3d maglite here waiting for a little upgrade
it now has a 0.5W niteize PR led bulb

I plan on utilizing a brass (copper?) heatsink from a DX module which should fit snug into the neck of the C Mag. I found a post by Techjunkie over at CPF where he did this and has photos. If I get a chance I’ll post back with the link. The bare module (heatsink & reflector) is only like $6.50 at DX.

Yeah, the Rebel reflector is quite a bit deeper. I was hoping to use an H22A heatsink, but I would need to grind the lips off to recess it in the body, along with narrowing the post in the middle as it's bigger than the opening of the reflector. I may still do it as I have a couple Rebel reflectors sitting around and a 1D host that it would work great in.

Thanks for explaining !
If you got the link, please let us know!

Ok, here's the link to the CPF post by Techjunkie: "Built: The Everyman's XML Thrower". Here's the link to the DX Module. I don't know for certain that this is the same module used in that post, but most likely it is. On the DX product page, if you click to "read all 6 reviews" you can scroll down and find a review written by Techjunkie which contains some instructions as well.

I guess mounting a 17mm driver on the back of that (I believe it's a 26mm opening) could be problematic. Is it ok if it is just soldered to one side and kind of hangs? Maybe use a piece of copper sheeting to bridge from the other side of the driver to the other side of the base?

I haven't been able to find a Mag 3C locally, so I'm going to order it from Amazon. I'll probably post a new thread of my build even though it's nothing new.


Thanks for the link!

I tried putting a new led reflector in an old C head and it would not fit.

How would it not fit? Too deep? Possible to trim to fit?

I'm still very slowly working on my 2D Maglite mod and did the infamous tailcap spring mod (was very easy), however I am having a heck of a time getting a negative signal to the drop-in module I put in! I used sandpaper and a file on the tailcap and have filed the head of the light where the module seats (as well as the module itself where it contacts) - still no power. If I remove the tailcap and use a jumper wire directly from the negative on the battery to the module it lights. I'm going to have to further investigate with a meter and see where I am losing the connection. I bring this up because for me this further reinforces that it would be easier sticking with a 3C than odding a 2D to hold 3C's.


I'm not sure why it wouldn't fit. I have a 2C ROP and I thought about using a Led reflector in it but it wouldn't fit, and I wasn't interested in modifying it.

I've done a couple of 2D -> 3C Mags and they work great. I just remove the anodizing inside of the tailcap with a wire wheel on a Dremel, cut the spring down just enough so it seats in the tailcap, then bend the inside of the spring to make sure it contacts the battery (this is mainly because I was running AA's with a C adaptor). To bend the spring I ended up using a propane torch to heat it up. Here's a blurry pic...

I cut my spring down to fit inside the tailcap tightly and bent in the top of the spring and also placed a blob of solder on the end of the spring. For the tailcap itself, I used 60 grit sandpaper and a small file to roughen up the surface where the spring made contact. I’m no longer using the original switch as I broke it. I have a rocker switch epoxied into the old switch housing. I don’t like it at all! This is my first real mod so it’s a learning experience. By the way, I’m running two flat top 18650’s but I’ve placed a solder blob on the positive end of both.
If I’m getting ground at both ends I’ll try to make the battery spring contact to battery better with a piece of copper.

Are you using a spacer around the batteries? Make sure that isn't causing the tailcap to not thread in all of the way as that happened to me using a PVC spacer, and it doesn't ground out unless completely tight.

I used a rolled up piece of cardboard until I can get some PVC pipe. The cardboard is cut short so the tailcap does screw in all the way.

I'd still like to hear about how exacty the LED (rebel) reflector won't fit in a C-sized Maglite. For only $2.50/ea I'm still going to order a couple.


Rebel reflector will fit. Tailcap must not be making contact with the spring otherwise light would come on.

I checked again last night. A new led mag reflector (xpg) will not fit in my old mag C head, no way no how.

The reflector hits on the shoulders of the C head on the inside.